The models of yesteryears were aimed to the older age group. These models are a little bigger than the regular MB-75 miniatures. Irrespective of the subject all of the models were of same size. This range is a market to itself, Corgi, Dinky or any other major company produced nothing like that to take over the market, hence there is no competition. Currently Matchbox Collectibles at Oregon (U.S.A) are producing the Yesteryear models. In July 1993 "Matchbox Collectible" centers were established in Australia, Europe & U.S.A to promote this range. Since then they have released many different series including, "TASTE OF FRANCE, THE GREAT BEAR SERIES," the three special "HORSE DRAWN VEHICLES" and more recently, "THE FIRE ENGINE SERIES." Matchbox is now constantly coming up with different themes and producing models. These models are relatively expensive starting at $19.95 but are worth their money. Who know, one day I might get involve with this series.

Since I am not a Yesteryears collector, I am unable to provide much information on this series. Would any Yesteryear collector like to make a contribution for this?

For more information on Model of Yesteryear, please visit Kurt Ristniemi's Web Site. I think this is the only (and that is why the best) page on Model of Yesteryears.

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