White Rose collectibles, based in York, PA, have become a very important part of Matchbox Toys. In 1989 this company was formed by Ron Slyder and started producing roughly 20 to 25% of Matchbox models. All of these models are considered as code one models. This company is responsible for producing mostly Nascar related miniatures and convoys. They are also authorized to produced sports related models. So far they have produced seven MLB sets from 1990 to 1996 (5 miniatures & 1 Convoy), 6 NFL sets (3 miniatures 1990 to 1992 and 3 convoys 1993 & 1994, 1995). They also produced some of the promotional models like the York Fair models, some NHL models and recently some private promotions. In 1994 a very attractive 24 models set was released called "Collectors Choice 1994." All of the models were taken from the original (MB 1-75) line with very fine detail, just like the world class models. Due to poor marketing and limited access to these models for general public the set was not a hit hence no more sets were released in this series, although there was a plan to produced three sets.

Some of the Nascar miniatures are already considered to be rare as they were produced in very limited quantities. The prices of some of the sets or miniatures are as high as $200 to $500 for a model that was originally sold for $10.00 not very long ago. , e.g., Convoy set of Goodwrench series 1. Some of the individual models are also very hard to come by like "French's Black Flag." Some (alcohol & tobacco related) models were given special attention and released in a special box . These models include two different versions of Smoking Joe & Coor's Light and so far, one version of Bud King of Beers. Starting in August 1996 a very special series was started in which a model is released inside a transparent model. These models are very expensive and are released in a very limited quantity. At 2nd Annual Hershey Convention White Rose released two "Chevy Luminas" in a very limited quantity and almost all the models were given away free (as raffle) to the people attending the dinner. These two models (a lime and a pink) are extremely hard to find. I have heard of these models exchanging hands for up to $100.00 each.

In the middle of 1996 White Rose decided to release their own miniature models. The first set of models was "Zamboni / Ice Crusher." The first version of this model was released with "Matchbox" base but since then all models released had "White Rose" base. The "Matchbox" based version was released in a quantity of 1,000 pieces and most of them were given away to the "White Rose" dealers. What happened to the rest of them? I have no idea. They seem to have disappeared. I would hope that whoever is stocking them make them available to the collectors at a reasonable price. The first set of was released for the 1995 NHL series. Apparently, some of these models were released with "Matchbox" due to factory errors. These models are considered to be very rare and are very difficult to obtain.

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