September 1996 Matchbox Releases

The last quarter of 1996 will bring a lot of new variations as well as new promotional models. TYCO has started to release all the left over models from 1996 including the Premiere Collection Series. JC Penney as well as Walmart has already released their Premiere Collection models. Some of the "Transition" models also known as "96 1/2" models have shown up on the shelves. All the collectors have to keep their eyes open so that they don't pass on any opportunity. As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of September 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models (Including '96 1/2 models)

01-D- .... Dodge Challenger .... White body, purple design on body
02-G- .... Corvette Grand Sport .... Black body, white spyder on hood, "The Widow"
14-G- .... Corvette Roadster .... White body, blue & red design on hood & trunk
17-G- .... Ferrari 456 GT .... Metallic red body, tan interior
27-F- .... Tailgator .... Dark Green body
37-F- .... Jeep 4x4 .... Pink body, "Cool Mud"
39-E- .... Ford Bronco .... Metallic silver body, orange fish tempo on sides only
44-I .... Ford Probe .... Purple body, green and white design on sides only
60-F- .... Pontiac Firebird .... Metallic turquoise body, yellow design on sides and hood
65-G- ....F-150 Pickup .... Metallic blue & silver, black interior, black roll bars

A 15 piece gift set is available at TRU and other toys stores but there is nothing exciting about this set other than 15 standard models are packed in a nice gift box.

Promotional Models

38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Brown body, "Greater Pennsylvania Matchbox, Diecast & Racing Collectibles Toy Show" ---- Code 2.
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Brown body, "La Rue Auto Inc." ---- Code 2.
42-D- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Red body, "Petsy Cline"

Micro Brewery Series

The second & third (of the six) series was released. This set contains 4 highly detailed and extremely pretty models with gold trim and rubber tires. The sets contain the following models:
Series 2
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... White body, "The Shipyard Brewing Co."
44-H- .... Model A Van .... Black body, "Fire House Brewery Co."
245-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... Metallic Blue body, "Blue Ridge Brewing Co."
YCC-01-A .... Austin .... Red body, "Wildgoose Brewery Co."

Series 3
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Blue body, "Left Hand Brewing Co."
44-H- .... Model A Van .... Dark brown body, Gold trim, "Holy Cow Brewery"
245-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... Red body, "Dubuque Brewing Co."
YCC-01-A .... Austin .... Green body, gold trim, "Ozark Brewing Co."

Premiere Collection

Series III (Six models)
02-G- .... Corvette Grand Sport .... Metallic blue body, white stripe on hood, "50"
04-D- .... 1957 Chevy .... Metallic Charcoal body, white roof
22-E- .... Jaguar XK 120 .... Metallic dark green body, tan interior
42-D- .... 1957 Thunderbird .... Black body, red & white interior
70-G- .... Pontiac GTO Judge .... Metallic silver body, Yellow design on sides
71-D- .... 1962 Corvette .... Red body, white roof

Series IV (Six models)
08-J- .... Mazda RX 7 .... Yellow body, black & brown interior
10-F- .... Dodge Viper RT 10 .... Red body, "Viper"
12-I- .... Audi Avus .... White body, "Audi Quattro"
28-L- .... Mitsibushi Spyder .... Dark Green body, gray & black interior
30-G- .... Toyota Supra .... Metallic Charcoal, red interior
34-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... Silver body, gray interior, plain grill

JC Penney Series I (Eight models)

JC Penney Series I is available only through mail order from JC Penney Christmas catalog. The set consists of eight models (five from standard Premiere series 1 and three from series 2). The models come loose in poly bags but in a big white box as there is a display case to show the models. The display case is similar to the one available for World Class models a few years ago. Anyone who needs this set please call the JC Penney mail order at 1-800-222-6161. The catalog number is: XU655-5445A. The set costs $29.99 plus tax plus shipping. So hurry and call JC Penney and get your set before the scalpers get them. Good Luck

08-J- .... Mazda RX 7 .... Dark green, black & brown interior
10-F- .... Dodge Viper RT 10 .... Black body, black & brown interior, "Viper"
28-L- .... Mitsibushi Spyder .... Silver body, burgundy interior
30-G- .... Toyota Supra .... Yellow body, gray interior
34-G- .... Plymouth Prolwer .... Red body, gray interior, plain grill
43-I- .... Camaro Z 28 .... Metallic blue body, black roof, gray interior
59-F- .... T-Bird Turbo Coupe .... Charcoal body, red & black interior, red stripe on side
71-H- .... Cobra Mustang .... Purple body, white & black interior

Wal Mart Series I (Six models)

The Wal Mart Series I has the same models as the Standard "Premiere Series 1" models except that they are in a different color scheme. Also, the blister card reads "Select Class 1" instead of "World Class 1." These models are available only through "Walmart" stores.

08-J- .... Mazda RX 7 .... Silver body, black & tan interior
10-F- .... Dodge Viper RT 10 .... Dark Green body, black & brown interior, "Viper"
12-I- .... Audi Avus .... Red body, Red & black interior, "Audi Quattro"
28-L- .... Mitsibushi Spyder .... Black body, gray & black interior
30-G- .... Toyota Supra .... Metallic Gold, red interior
34-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... Charcoal body, gray & purple interior, plain grill

Light & Sound Models

A set of 8 models was released with 4 models. All of these models have black windows and either red or yellow dome. When the front wheel is pressed the dome lights up and a siren sounds.

15-D- .... XR 4Ti Ford Sierra ..... White body, "Matchbox Police Department"
15-D- .... XR 4Ti Ford Sierra ..... Yellow body, "Matchbox Taxi Co."
06-E- .... Ford Supervan II .... White body, "Matchbox EMS 17"
06-E- .... Ford Supervan II .... Blue body, "S.W.A.T. Police Emergency"
30-F- .... Mercedes G Wagon .... Yellow body, "Beach Petrol Unit 2"
30-F- .... Mercedes G Wagon .... Red body, "Matchbox Rescue Unit / Fire Dept."
43-E- .... AMG Mercedes .... White body, "Matchbox Police 17"
43-E- .... AMG Mercedes .... Olive body, "Matchbox Military Police"

Sports Related Models

A set of 28 models (Major League Baseball teams) was released in June by White Rose Collectibles. These are new MB-287 Ford Delivery Vans. This set is the 7th in series of MLB models. The first set was released in 1990 and since then White Rose is releasing one set every year. In 1995 Convoys were used for this set.

White Rose Collectibles

283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Green and white body, "Kod1ak / 41" ===> Specially boxed model
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Black body, "Miller Lite / 2" ===> In a transparent bottle
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Black, pink & blue body, "Exide Batteries / 99"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Red & white body, "McDonald's / 94"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Blue & white body, "Family Primestar / 16"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Van .... Green cab, white container, "Rutter's Dairy / Celebrates 75 Years"

A Three Piece set for "Caterpillar Racing team" was also released that includes the following models:
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Black & yellow body, "Caterpillar / 95"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Van .... White cab, white container, "Caterpillar / 95"
CY111-A- .... Kenworth Racing Transporter .... Black & yellow body, Chrome exhausts, rubber wheels, "Caterpillar / 95"

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