September 2003 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting. Continuing the tradition of last year I am starting to list the "MW-???" code that shows the number that the model is released under in the year 2003. The next code is the catalog listing. For the last two years I started linking some models with their pictures so feel free to click at the link and see the model. Please remember I cannot get pictures of every single model and post it on the web as I do have other things in life but I will try my best to post good pictures. I may be a little slow in linking pictures so do come back and visit previous months to view the models. Or you may bookmark my Picture Gallery and visit it often. Now Enjoy the new Matcbox.


MW039- .... 032-I- .... Nissan Xterra .... pic Dark Blue, red interior, red kayak, "MHC Outfitters"
MW040- .... 023-J- .... Ford Explorer Sport Track .... pic Black, red interior, red cargo net, "Tuneup Auto Parts"


Nothing to Report.

Nothing to Report

021-L- .... Cadillac Escalade .... pic White, orange interior, Rugrats design, "Nickelodeon" -- Nickelodeon Series
034-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... pic Met. Blue, orange interior, Jimmy Neutron on sides, "Nickelodeon" -- Nickelodeon Series
040-I- .... Camaro SS369 .... pic Red, orange interior, Rocket Power design, "Nickelodeon" -- Nickelodeon Series
046-J- .... 1955 Chevy Bellair Convertible .... pic Purple, turquoise interior, "Patrick" -- Spongebob Series
053-I- .... 1962 VW Beetle .... pic Lime, white interior, Spongebob design, "Nickelodeon" -- Spongebob Series
048-K- .... Fire Tanker .... pic Red, lemon tanker, cast pipe, "Rescue Heroes" -- Rescue Heroe Series
054-K- .... Crown Victoria Police Car .... pic Powder Blue, gray interior, red dome, "Rescue Heroes" -- Rescue Heroe Series
066-J- .... Landrover Freelander .... pic Lemon, green interior, orange stripes, "Rescue Heroes" -- Rescue Heroe Series
072-S- .... VW Transporter .... pic Blue, blue interior, orange windows, "Spongebob" -- Spongebob Series


053-K- .... Police Car .... pic Black, black interior, blue dome, "Police Rescue"
069-K- .... Humvee .... pic Yellow, black windows, white trunk cover, "Rescue Humvee"
075-K- .... Water Pumper .... pic Red, amber dome, "Fire Rescue Engine 19"
080-A- .... Humvee .... pic White, white interior, "Emergency Rescue"

CODE-2 models
044-H- .... Model T Ford .... pic White, "Ladies Circle Great Britain & Ireland"

Color Comp Releases
025-D- .... Toyota Celica .... pic Burgundy, blue interior, "Northwest Matchbox Collectors Club/1998-2003"
025-D- .... Toyota Celica .... pic Burgundy, blue interior, "Northwest Matchbox Collectors Club/1998-2003/Tom Larson"
046-J- .... 1955 Chevy Bellair Convertible .... pic Burgundy, white interior, "White River Hornets/Class of 1953/50 Year Reunion"
046-J- .... 1955 Chevy Bellair Convertible .... pic Lt. Gold white interior, "White River Hornets/Class of 1953/50 Year Reunion"
051-K- .... Ambulance .... pic Red, red bar dome, gold stripes, "Squantz Engine Co./Ambulance"
064-I- .... VW Transporter .... pic Green/Yellow, white interior, MDM Convention Logo, "Midwest Regional Convention/2003"

ASAP Releases
027-D- .... Jeep Cherokee .... pic White, red interior, clear dome, Enterprise Rent a Car logo on hood
027-D- .... Jeep Cherokee .... pic White, red interior, clear dome, "MRMC 2003/An Adventure in Collecting/Police"
027-D- .... Jeep Cherokee .... pic White, red interior, clear dome, "MRMC 2003/An Adventure in Collecting"
033-G- .... Utility Truck .... pic White, white trolly, yellow/green design on sides, sawblade wheels -- Done for Southern California Edison
045-E- .... Highway Maintenance Truck .... pic Orange, silver gray dumper, "IDOT"
047-E- .... School Bus .... pic Yellow, black interior, "Western Michigan Broncos"


Launcher (Mission H2O) pic
011-H- .... BMW 3 Series .... Met. Red, white interior, "Mission H2O"
045-G- .... VW Beetle 4x4 .... Met. Silver, red engine, blue water wave design, "Mission H20"
052-B- .... Police Launch .... Lt. Blue, sound wave design, "Mission H2O"
068-M- .... 1998 Jeep Wrangler .... Black, white interior, red frame, "Mission H2O"
MB460- .... 1999 Ford Mustang .... White, clear windows, "Mission H2O"
The above set is also available with Mustang comes with Cherry windows instead of clear windows


Nothing to Report.


Nothing to Report.


Justice League Set-1 pic
001-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS .... Two tone blue, red roof, Superman design
040-C- .... Corvette "T" Roof .... White, red interior, Wonderwoman design
040-K- .... Dodge Conept Car .... Green/Black, white interior, "Green Lantern"

Justice League Set-2 pic
011-G- .... Chrysler Atlantic .... Yellow, black interior, Martian onsides, "X" on hood
034-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... Black, purple interior, Batman design
070-L- .... VW W12 Concept Car .... Red/Yellow, lemon interior, fastest man design, "The Flash"

G Book

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