1997 Anticipated Releases by Matchbox Toys

Here is a sneak preview of the entire1997 line in the Matchbox World. Most of the information is taken from the TYCO Toys 1997 Catalog (Pages 22 through 51). Many thanks to Mark Boyer of Tyco Toys for providing me first with a Spring Catalog and then with a full catalog after the New York Toy Fair. I am listing all the models in separate categories to avoid any complications. One last thing, please remember that these are standard releases only. Promotional and short run models will be released separately throughout the year. Now have fun, enjoy the information and Happy Hunting.

New MB 1-75 (Miniatures)
Recolors MB 1-75 (Miniatures)
Five Packs (Miniatures)
75 Challenge (1 of 10,000)
Premiere Collection Miniatures (1 of 25,000)
Premiere Collection Rigs (1 of 25,000)
Inaugural Collection (1 of 20,000)
Gold Premieres (1 of 5,000)
Action System Play Packs (Miniatures)
Military Play Sets (Miniatures in Play sets)
Super Rigs (Convoys)
Sky Busters
Action System Play Sets
The Lost World: Jurassic Park series

G Book

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