Premiere Collection Rigs for 1997

This is a brand new series from Matchbox. Just like Premiere Miniatures these Rigs will be highly detailed with chrome and rubber tires, Chrome mirrors and pipes with moving parts. Each Premiere Rig will come with a unique window box. Here is a listing of all the Premiere Collection Rigs models. Remember these models are limited to 25,000 pieces each. Happy Hunting.

Ford Aeromax .... Blue cab, blue container, "GOOD YEAR"
Ford Aeromax .... White cab, White container, "MIDAS"
Mack Transporter .... Yellow cab, chrome tanker, "SHELL"
Kenworth Container Truck .... Black body, black container, "MAYFLOWER"
Kenworth Transporter .... Red cab, yellow trailer, 2 black containers "MATCHBOX"
Kenworth Transporter .... Yellow & black cab, yellow trailer, MB-64-D in Yellow and Orange

G Book

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