October 1996 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of October 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models (Including '96 1/2 models)

05-D- .... Golden Eagle Jeep .... Charcoal body, black interior, no bone tempo, "Bad To Bone" on hood
22-H- .... Lamborghini Diablo .... Red body, black tempo, yellow interior
30-G- .... Toytoa Supra .... Red body, yellow interior, white / orange tempo
38-I- .... Corvette Sting Ray III .... White body, red interior, red / yellow tempo
40-I- .... Ford Mondeo .... Blue body, black base, tan interior, blue lettered "Mondeo" w/o scale casting
42-E- .... Mobile Crane .... Dark orange body, black crane, black arm, black hook
43-I- .... Camaro Z28 .... Charcoal body, blue interior, blue/red/white design

A 30 piece Gift Set is available at "Service Merchandise" but there is nothing exciting in that gift set. 30 models from original 1996 standard (not the 96 1/2 models) range are put together in one big gift set. A nice "Christmas" gift for children.

Promotional Models

15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White & Orange body, black metal base, "Grafi Press."
15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, black metal base, "Evening Gazette"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Yellow body, black base, red roof, "Kellogg's Eggo"
The above model was originally released in MB-44 but due to stock problems this models is now released in MB 38 van. For minor variation fanatics, this model is available in all three license plates (DR, KG, PC)
38-F- .... Ford Courier .... Navy body, gray interior, "AXA Insurance"
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... White body, "Cromer Carnival / 1996"
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... White body, "Farnham Malting 4 / 8th Sep 1996"

Premiere Collection

World Class Series 5
22-H- .... Lamborghini Diablo .... Silver gray body, Gray plastic base, Blue & Black interior
38-H- .... Mercedes Benz 600 SEL .... Metallic Blue body, White & Gray interior
38-I- .... Corvette Sting-Ray III .... Yellow body, Two tone Gray interior
43-I- .... Camaro Z28 .... Red body, Black roof, Tan & Black interior
59-F- .... T-Bird Turbo Coupe .... Dark metallic Green body, Black & White interior
71-H- .... Mustang Cobra .... White body, Red & White interior

World Class Series 1 INTERNATIONAL
10-F- .... Dodge Viper .... Charcoal body, black & gray interior, mag design wheels.
12-I- .... Audi Avus .... Gold body, red interior, "Avus Quattro, mag design wheels.
22-H- .... Lamborghini Diablo .... Yellow body, gray & black interior, mag design wheels.
34-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... Metallic blue body, silver gray interior, mag design wheels.
38-H- .... Mercedes Benz 600 SEL .... Metallic green upper body, charcoal lower body, gray & white interior.
59-G- .... Aston Martin DB-7 .... Silver body, gray interior, no sunroof.

Harley Davidson

A specially boxed 1:9 scale Harley Davidson was released. This Harley Davidson --- Fat Boy is similar to the one released last year in yellow. This time the color is charcoal gray with chrome engine. The model comes with a display stand and is exclusively available at "Service Merchandise" for $39.95 plus tax.

Convoy OR Super Rigs

CY39-A .... Ford Aeromax Box Truck .... White cab, white container, "Pepsi / Nothing Else is a Pepsi" -- China Base
The following Super Rigs are now available in China Base:

Australian Promotional
CY36-A- .... Kenworth Transporter .... Powder blue cab, blue container, "Safety Information Display Unit / RTF "
CY109-A- .... Ford Aeromax Superstar .... Red cab, yellow container, "Safety Information Display Unit / RTF"

Gold Collection King Size Rigs

The first "Gold Collection" was released but in King Size Rigs. I have seen only 4 models so far but I suspect that there is (or will be) a fifth model. Although the models are highly detailed King Size Rigs with chrome wheels and rubber tires, they are no way near Matchbox quality. These models have no "Matchbox" tempo on the base. The models have more plastic than necessary. To me (my personal opinion) these models are a "Disgrace" to Matchbox Gold Collection. It seems like Matchbox is moving from "DIE CAST" to "PLASTIC" models. I have seen these models at Service Merchandise only. I am not sure if they are done exclusively for them or they just happened to be there. With the kind of workmanship, they are very expensive at $24.95 each. The four models are:
Rigs # 1 .... Yellow cab, yellow trailer, chrome exhausts, "m&m's
Rigs # 2 .... White cab, white trailer, chrome exhausts, "FedEx Federal Express"
Rigs # 3 .... Red cab, white trailer, chrome exhaust, "Pizza Hut"
Rigs # 4 .... Blue cab, blue trailer, chrome exhausts, "OREO"

Play Sets

Action System # 10 ..... Super Service Center

White Rose Collectibles

267-A- ....Chevy Lumina .... Blue & yellow body, "White Rose / Super Star /29" ---- in a bottle
268-B- .... Ford Thunderbird .... White body, "Jasper Engines / 77"
268-B- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Blue body, "QC / Quality Care / 88"
268-B- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Blue body, "SPAM / Melling / 9"
287-B- .... Ford Delivery Van .... Brown cab, Butter Scotch container w/hood, "York Fair 1996"

A three piece set was also released for "Billiot Elliot" as 10 Time Most Popular Driver. The three models are: CY-111 (Kenworth Transporter), 268-B (Ford Thunderbird), 287-A (Ford Delivery Van.)

Please note that 287-B is not an official catalog number. The new Thunderbird has a redesigned front. Similarly 287-B is not an official catalog number. This version of the Ford Delivery Van has an attic for the container. I will continue to use these numbers until an official catalog number is assigned to them.

G Book

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