October 2002 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting. Continuing the tradition of last year I am starting to list the "MW-???" code that shows the number that the model is released under in the year 2002. The next code is the catalog listing. For the last two years I started linking some models with their pictures so feel free to click at the link and see the model. Please remember I cannot get pictures of every single model and post it on the web as I do have other things in life but I will try my best to post good pictures. I may be a little slow in linking pictures so do come back and visit previous months to view the models. Or you may bookmark my Picture Gallery and visit it often. Now Enjoy the new Matcbox.


MW073- .... 073-L- .... Pontiac Piranha .... pic Purple, gray interior, flower wheels, "Piranha"


50th Birthday Medallion Models
MW071- .... 026-J- .... Fire Flooder .... pic metallic Silver, blue windows, red arm, sawblade wheels --- White logo on side of canopy



Masters of the Universe Series
047-H- .... Armored Police Truck .... pic Matt Blue, black windows, gray canopy, rubber tires, "Stratos"
053-K- .... Police Car .... pic Metallic Silver, red interior, amber dome, rubber tires, "HE-MAN"
066-O- .... Limousine .... pic Metallic Purple, powder blue interior, rubber tires, "Skeletor"
082-A- .... Missile Launcher .... pic Green, brown canopy, black wheels, "Man At Arms"

Pleasant Hill Books
036-D- .... Refuse Truck .... pic Dark Green, smoke windows, black trigger, "Trash"
066-N- .... Weather Radar Truck .... pic Red, white interior, gray radar, 4 dot wheels, "Storm School"

059-M- .... Police Motorcycle 3 Wheeler .... pic Red, yellow seat, blue front cover, red side car, "Toyfair Police 2003" -- Pre Toyfair Model
064-I- .... VW Transporter .... pic Green/Yellow, white interior, detailed trim, rubber tires

CODE-2 models

Color Comp Releases
001-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS .... pic White, black interior, red lettered "MRMC Toy Show Oct. 6, 2002"
001-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS .... pic White, black interior, blue lettered "MRMC Toy Show Oct. 6, 2002"
034-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... pic Yellow, black interior, "M.R.M.C Toy Show Vendor Appreciation/2002"
054-K- .... Ford Crown Victoria Police Car .... pic White, black interior, red dome, "Illinios Matchbox Club Security/2002"
057-E- .... Carmichael Commando Vehicle .... pic White, gray interior, "M.R.M.C. Celebrating 50 Years of Matchbox" -- Made in Bulgaria
072-S- .... VW Transporter .... pic White, black interior, black lettered "1st Annual Mambo Memorial/14-11-2001"
072-S- .... VW Transporter .... pic White, black interior, gold lettered "1st Annual Mambo Memorial/14-11-2001"
072-S- .... VW Transporter .... pic White, black interior, lime lettered "1st Annual Mambo Memorial/14-11-2001"
075-J- .... Golf Cart .... pic White, white interior, "9th Annual Dusty Lobb Golf Tournament"

ASAP Releases
004-F- .... 1997 Corvette .... pic White, black interior, "USS"
010-F- .... Dodge Viper RT10 .... pic Red, black interior, "USS"
010-F- .... Dodge Viper RT10 .... pic Red, black interior, "VT Hokies"
017-I- .... 1999 Mustang Hardtop .... pic Black, gray interior, "USS"
023-G- .... Volvo Container Truck .... pic White, white container, "Resintech Inc. Ion Exchange Resins"
025-E- .... Pacific Ambulance .... pic White, orange stripes, "Compuware We're here to Help!"
047-E- .... School Bus .... pic Yellow, black interior, "On My Way to UVM"
047-E- .... School Bus .... pic Yellow, black interior, "Bet-Cha Transit"
068-C- .... Chevrolet Van .... pic White, Black, gray interior, "USS"


Launcher Set .... Car Transporter pic
009-I- .... BMW Z8 .... Bright Blue, gray interior, lace wheels
066-O- .... Limousine .... Charcoal, blue interior, lace wheels
071-I- .... Jaguar XK8 .... Metallic Silver, red interior, lace wheels
072-R- .... Porsche 911 Carrera .... Red, black interior, lace wheels
083-A- .... BMW 3-Series Coupe .... Metallic Gold, black interior, lace wheels


023-H- .... Ford Box Van .... pic Black, clear windows, white sides, rubber tires, "Texaco Star of the American Road"
032-G- .... Chevy El Camino .... pic Red, black interior, rubber tires, "Texaco Service You Can Trust"
043-K- .... Sea Rescue Boat .... pic Brown/White deck, black hull, detailed trim, "Texaco Deep Sea"
044-H- .... Model T Ford .... pic Red, black metal base, detailed trim, "Texaco Petroleum Products"
061-C- .... Peterbilt Wrecker Truck .... pic Black, clear windows, chrome booms, rubber tires, "Peterbilt"
086-A- .... Chevy Silverado Pickup .... pic Black, gray interior, detailed trim, rubber tires, "Star of the American Road"

G Book

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