June 1996 Matchbox Releases

What can I say about this month. Most of the standard MB1-75 have already been released with the exception of 2 or 3 models. I am assuming those will be coming out soon. This month will bring a lot of promotional models just from the US alone. 15th Annual Matchbox USA convention is scheduled for June 15 & 16. (Read the report on convention .) I am hoping to find a lot of new and old models. So just wait and see what this month brings for us collectors. As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of June 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models

74-J- .... Formula 1 .... White & Black body, white "Hitachi" airfoil, LOTUS ---- (UK release)
74-J- .... Formula 1 .... Dark blue body, black "Sasol" airfoil, JORDON ---- (UK release)

Promotional Models

23-G- .... Volvo Container Truck .... Yellow body, yellow container, "Action system"
25-E- .... Pacific Ambulance .... White body, red stripe, "Action System"
57-H- .... Mack Auxiliary Truck .... Red body, white canopy, "Action system"

Please note that the above three models are "Mail Order Offer" in USA only. These models are available by sending proof of purchases from any two "Action System" play sets available in Toy Stores these days. Every play set comes with an order form and picture of the three models. There is a $1.00 shipping charge though.
30-G- .... Toyota Supra .... Yellow body, Get in the Fast lane tempo, "Toy Fair '96" ---- (UK release, this model was released back in February but I just got my model)
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... Red body, "MB USA, 15 Annual Convention"
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... Navy body, "MB USA, 15 Annual Convention"
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... Yellow body, "MB USA, 15 Annual Convention"

44-H- .... Model T Ford .... Black body, "SAS International/100 years of US Automobile Industry"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... White and Turquoise body, black lettered "Hilton"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... White and Turquoise body, red lettered "Hilton"

60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Navy body, pink lettered "97.5 FM"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... White body, black lettered "97.5 FM"

60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Navy body, "Midwest Die-cast Miniatures/Just Matchbox"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Red body, "Kit Kat" tempo ---- (UK release)
282-A- .... F.J. Holden Van .... Black body, white lettered "Automodels for model cars/1996" (Australian release)

3-Pack & 5-Pack Multi-Sets

3-Piece Action Central set (released in UK only) includes the following models:
17-G- .... Ferrari 456 GT .... Purple body, white design on sides only (same as US)
37-E- .... Matra Rancho .... Blue body, gold checkers, "Marine Rescue" (new deco)
56-D- .... Peterbilt Tanker .... White body, chrome tanker, "Shell" (same as US, China base)

5-Piece City Life set (released in UK only) includes the following models:
08-G- .... Open Kadett GSI .... White body, black & yellow checkers, "54"
21-E- .... Breakdown Van .... Black body, red boom/hook, red arrows, "24"
36-D- .... Refuse Truck .... White body, blue dump/hatch, red arrows
52-F- .... Escort Cosworth .... Red body, "5"
67-G- .... Ikarus Coach .... White body, red roof, smiley face

Super Rigs

CY09-A .... Kenworth Box Truck .... Black cab, black container, "Rollerbalade"
CY09-A .... Kenworth Box Truck .... Yellow cab, yellow container, "M & M's"
CY39-A .... Ford Aeromax Box Truck .... White cab, white container, "FedEx"

White Rose Collectibles

268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Orange red body, "Citgo/21"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Purple body, "K-Mart/Little Caesars/37"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Blue body, "Channel Lock/Get a Grip/10"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Yellow orange body, Kodak tempo, "Kodak Film/4"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Red & Yellow body, "Royal Oak Charcoal/34"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Fan .... Blue body, "1995 World Champion/Atlanta Braves/1995"

290-A- .... Ford Super Truck .... Gold body, "Mike Skinner/1995 Super Truck Champion/3"
290-A- .... Ford Super Truck .... Green & White body, "Q/Quaker State/24"

Play Sets

Sorry guys!! but no play sets were released in this month. May be see you next month.

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