July 1996 Matchbox Releases

Here is another month where we will have lots of promotional models. Matchbox Toys and White Rose Collectibles jointly sponsored a Toy Show in Hershey, PA on July 20 & 21, 1996. Again, like last month, I am doing my report on the convention & my conversation with Mr. Jay Udow (Director of Marketing at TYCO) regarding Matchbox Future Releases and a lot of other items. I found a lot of goodies at this convention as all the major dealers and collectors from around the world were present. As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of July 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models

07-G- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Blue body, black interior, "Wieder Racing/11"
20-C- .... Jeep Laredo .... Olive body, shovel caste on a rectangular base, "V-9872-3"
(Previous version of the above model had shovel caste on the body directly)
65-G- .... Ford F-150 Pickup .... Red body, black roll bars ...... China Casting (Previous version was "Thailand" casting)
75-F- .... Ferrari F50 .... Red body, black base, Ferrari Logo (NEW MODEL)

Promotional Models

15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, silver/blue lettered "SLP/Lowestoft Town F.C."
15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, silver lettered "SLP Engineering Ltd."
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Purple body, black chassis, "Kellogg's Raisin Bran"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Orange body, black chassis, "Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Weats"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Orange body, blue chassis, Kangaroo/Australian Flag, "3rd Australian MICA, 1996" --- (Australian release)
38-E .... Model A Ford .... Brown body, cream chassis, "XIth MICA UK/1996"
38-F- .... Ford Courier .... White body, "Dent Magician"
38-F- .... Ford Courier .... Red body, "Ford County Emergency Service"
38-F- .... Ford Courier .... Red body, "Australian Matchbox News"
38-F- .... Ford Courier .... Blue body, "Australian Matchbox News"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Neon lime body, black plastic base, black roof, "Kellogg's Apple Jacks"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Yellow body, navy plastic base, red roof, "Kellogg's Corn Pops"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Blue body, "Sterling Jail"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... White body, "North Walsham Carnival 1996"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Red body, Ford Logo, "1896 - 1996"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... White body, blue base, "Farnham Maltings 3/26th May 1996"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... White body, black base, "Farnham Maltings 3/26th May 1996"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "Evening Gazette"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Red body, "Edison Fire Dept./Smoke Detectors Save Lives"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Red body, "24th Annual Truck-in"
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "24th Annual Truck-in"
73-C- .... Model A Ford .... Gold body, "American Iron Cruise '96"
215-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... Neon Orange/yellow, Get in the Fast Lane Logo, "3rd Annual Hershey Park Convention / July 20-21 1996"

Sports Related Models

A set of 18 models (NBA teams) was released in Australia, based on MB-245 Chevy Panel Van. Although the teams are from North American National Basketball Association, these models were released in Australia. "GOLDEN STATE WARRIOR" is the TOUGHEST team to get. Even the dealers in USA did not get this model, they sold this as a 17 model set. I was lucky enough to get the complete set of 18 teams thanks to my Australian connections.

A very attractive 16 models (Australian Football League) set was release in Australia, based on MB 282 F. J. Holden Van. All models are in two colors with "Australian Football League Centenary" logo on the roof. All models have Australian Football League seal with 1996 on the rear panel.

Other Miscellaneous Models

MX-102 .... Massey Harris Tractor .... Blue body, silver wheels ---- > From Matchbox Originals.
A 3-Pack "MY FIRST MATCHBOS" was released in UK with two new variation. The set includes:
08-G- .... Open Kadett .... White body, 8 dot blue wheels -----> New Variation
26-F- .... Volvo Tilt Truck .... Red body, lime canopy ----- > Old Variation
33-G- .... Utility Truck .... Red body, all blue wheels ---- > New Variation

White Rose Collectibles

My source for White Rose models did not send me any items in this month, please check August '96 section for new items.

Harley Davidson

A 4-piece Variety Pack is easily available in Stores as a Gift Set. The set includes the following King Size models:
K83-A- .... Harley Davidson Electraglide in blue
K83-B- .... Harley Davidson Chopper in red
K83-C- .... Harley Davidson Sportster in neon lime
K83-D- .... Harley Davidson Springer Softail in purple (NEW MODEL)

Play Sets

Action System # 8 .... Fire & Rescue Center

G Book

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