January 1999 Matchbox Releases

So the 1999 is here. This is the first year when Mattel has the full control of Matchbox products. Although they acquired TYCO at the end of 1997, most of the Matchbox line was already designed for 1998. Now the first thing Mattel decided to do with Matchbox was to change the 1-75 line to 1-100 line. This means new models but as I suspect there would not be that many new models, rather there would be old castings come out of the closet and marketed under a new number. I just have to see what comes out in 1999 and in the future. One thing I know for sure is that I am not buying the models if Mattel remove the "Matchbox" name from the models. As "Matchbox" is what started me into this hobby not "Mattel." In any case as usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting. Also, please remember that Mattel may change the numbering again this year but I would still go by the old numbers from Lesney to Matchbox International to TYCO because that is how I am maintaining my database. You can choose to follow whichever system suites you the best. Oh! one more thing. Starting this year I would be linking some models with their pictures so feel free to click at the link and see the model. Please remember I cannot take pictures of every single model and post it on the web as I do have other things in life but I will try my best to post good pictures. I may be a little slow in taking pictures so do come back and visit previous months to view the models. Or you may bookmark my Picture Gallery and visit it often. Now Enjoy.


Nothing to report yet.


15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "Eurolines"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... White body, "Avante Grade" -- ASAP Promotion
42-D- .... 1957 Thunderbird pic .... Red body, "White's Guide Car of the Month # 3"
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... Cream body, "Barrettine The Independents Choice"
282-A- .... FJ Holden Van .... Red, "Bendigo 1998" -- Australian Release.


01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Blue, "NY Knicks"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Black & White, "Chicago Bulls"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Light Purple & White, "LA Lakers"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Black & Neon Orange, "Atlanta Hawks"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Red, "Rockets"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Turqouise, "Detroit Pistons"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Powder Blue, "Utah Jazz"
01-G- .... Dodge Viper GTS pic .... Black, "Orlando Magic"


282-A- .... FJ Holden Van pic .... White body, "Laverne & Shirley / Shotz"


36-E- .... 1957 Chevy Convertible pic .... Turquoise body
69-H- .... 1969 Mustang Cobra Jet .... Metallic blue body
70-H- .... Pontiac GTO pic .... Mustard body

01-G- .... Viper GTS .... pic Silver gray, blue stripe
34-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... Metallic Bronze body
49-I- .... V.W Concept Car pic .... Yellow body

18-C- .... Extending Ladder Fire Engine pic .... Red/White body, "City of Miami Fire Dept."
57-H- .... Mack Auxiliary Power Truck .... Red/White body, "Houston Fire Dept."

03-D- .... Hummer pic .... Olive Green Camo
47-G- .... Bradley Tank pic .... Olive Green Camo
54-I- .... Abrams Tank pic .... Olive Green Camo

54-K- .... Crown Victoria pic .... White body, "North Dakota State Police"
54-K- .... Crown Victoria pic .... White body, "Missouri State Patrol"
59-H- .... Camaro Police Pursuit pic .... Black body, "Wyoming Highway Patrol"

Caterpillar Challenger Tractor pic .... Yellow body, "CAT"
Caterpillar Soil Compactor pic .... Yellow body, "CAT"
Caterpillar Backhoe .... pic Yellow body, "CAT"

13-G- .... Kenworth T-2000 pic .... Unpainted body + Metallic Red body
67-H- .... Ford Expedition .... pic Unpainted body + Blue body

CY-??? .... Ford Aeromax Petrol Tanker pic .... Blue cab, Chrome tank, "Exxon"


SB06-A- .... MIG 21 .... Cream & Olive body
SB15-A- .... Phanton F4E .... Blue body, "Royal Navy"
SB22-A- .... Tornado .... Two tone gray and Green
SB24-A- .... F-16 Fighter Jet .... Gray & blue body, "J-199"
SB25-A- .... Rescue Helicopter .... Blue body, black skis & fan
SB32-A- .... Fairchild Thunderbolt ..... Two tone green

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