January 1997 Matchbox Releases

Here we are another new year. This year will bring a lot of new items for Matchbox collectors around the world. One question that every collector has in his/her mind that what will happen to Matchbox after Mattel takes over sometime later this year? I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. For the time being models are/will be released as schedule. For information on what is part of the standard line check out my Preview section. As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Please note that there over 18 different 75 Challenge cars are available in the market. I have not seen any of them personally nor I have any in my collection yet so the listing of these models will not be available until I get them. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models

Nothing to Report this month.

Promotional Models

38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Purple body, black chassis, "Continental Aero"
49-I- .... V.W. Concept Car .... Red body, black roof, "Mark I/V.W.S."
282-A- .... FJ Holden Panel Van .... Dark blue body, stars and Australian flag, "True Blue"
292-A- .... Ford Falcon .... White body, white interior, "Ford Australian Open 1997"

Micro Brewery Collection Series V

38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Powder Blue body, red chassis, "Rogue/Oregon Brewing Co."
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Gold body, green roof, "Anderson Valley Brewing Co."
245-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... White body, purple chassis, black roof, "Samuel Adams Brew House"
YCC-01 .... Austin .... Cream body, cream roof, "A taste of Alaska"

White Rose Collectibles

Nothing to Report this month.

G Book

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