January 1996 Matchbox Releases

Here is a list and small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that were released in the Month of January 1996. Happy Hunting to all the collectors.

Standard MB1-75 Models

37-F- .... 4x4 Jeep .... Neon orange body, black tempo on sides only, "Cool Mud"
39-E- .... Ford Bronco II .... Black body, Fish tempo on sides only
44-D- .... Chevy Van 4x4 .... White body, purple tempo with green stripes
50-E- .... Chevy Blazer .... Blue body, red windows, shield tempo, "Police Dial 911"
60-H- .... Rocket Transporter .... White body, white rocket, one sided tempo on rocket
65-G- .... Ford F-150 Pickup .... Red body, black roll bar

Promotional MB1-75 Models

07-G- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Blue body, "Mitre 10" (Australian release)
57-G- .... Ford Transit .... Red body, "View Master/Matchbox"
57-G- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "View Master/Matchbox"
282-A- .... FJ Holden Panel Van .... Orange Red body, "Royal Mail/ER" (Australian release)
282-A- .... FJ Holden Panel Van .... White body, "Auto One" (Australian release)
282-A- .... FJ Holden Panel Van .... Solid black body, no tempo (Australian release)

Gift Sets / Multi Packs

Three different (Team Convoy) transporter sets from Formula One series were released for the European Market. Each set consists of a CY 111 Racing Car Transporter & a 246-A Formula 1 Racing Car. The three different tempos were: Ferrari, Elf/Renault, & Uliveto/Lee Cooper respectively. These transporter sets were not available in the US Market.

White Rose Models

A set of 30 Transporters for NFL teams was issued. Sorry guys I don't collect them so no description here.

G Book

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