December 1996 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of December 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models (Including '96 1/2 models)

04-D- .... 1957 Chevy .... Red body, Yellow flames on sides only (1995 re-color, only found recently).
73-H- .... Rotwheeler .... Brown body, brown upper and red lower lips (forgot to list earlier)

Promotional Models

15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, black base, "Scooter's Snowboard Shoppe"
44-H- .... Model "T" Van .... White body, black metal base, "Springfest Extravaganza"
44-H- .... Model "T" Van .... Red body, black plastic base, "Springfest Extravaganza"
44-I- .... Ford Probe .... Metallic red body, orange & white flames, "Princeton" -- Code 2
60-G- .... Ford Transit .... Dark blue body, "Scooter's Snowboard Shoppe"
74-H- .... Grand Prix Racing Car .... Red body, "Kids World" ---- (Australian promotional comes in a special box with a kid size t-shirt)

Australian Promotional
282-A- .... FJ Holden Van .... Black & blue body, "1995 Premieres / Bulldogs"
282-A- .... FJ Holden Van .... Powder blue body, "Motor BEVIC Service"

A set of 20 models was released in Australia for the Australian Rugby League. This set is based on 15-K Ford Transit van with bright colors. This is the second in the series, with 1995 being the first series.

Premiere Collection

GOLD COLLECTION (1 of 5,000 with Gold Coin)
62-F- .... Rolls Royce Silver Cloud .... Maroon body, gray & maroon interior, detailed trim ----- (Service Merchandise promotion)
75-E- .... Ferrari Testarossa .... Silver gray body, black interior, mag design wheels ---- (K-Mart promotion).

SELECT CLASS SERIES II (Wal-Mart Exclusive) 22-H- .... Lamborghini Diablo .... Dark blue body, gray & blue interior, mag design wheels
38-H- .... Mercedes 600 SEL .... White & Charcoal body, gray & white interior, wire design wheels
38-I- .... Corvette Sting Ray III .... Silver gray body, two tone gray interior, dot design wheels
43-I- .... Camaro Z 28 .... Purple body, gray & black interior, dot design wheels
59-F- .... T-Bird Turbo Coupe .... Red body, gray & black interior, wire design wheels
71-H- .... Mustang Cobra .... Black body, tan & black interior, mag design wheels

Micro Brewery Collection Series IV

38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Green body, gold roof & chassis, "Fish Brewing Company"
44-H- .... Model T Van .... Yellow body, navy roof, "Weidman's Brewery"
245-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... Yellow body, green chassis, black roof, "Florida Beer Brands"
YCC-01 .... Austin .... Gray body, blue roof, "Pacific Coast Brewing Company"

Matchbox Collectibles Christmas 1996 Releases

There were many items released by Matchbox Collectible for the 1996 Holiday season. I am listing only the items that I ordered. In order to know what was released or how to order call 1-800-858-0102 for a free catalog. Although the items are of high quality, I did not like the packaging. All the models that I ordered came in a cheap white packing type boxes. The packaging is no way near Matchbox quality. Boxes are one important aspect of this collectible hobby and if Matchbox decided to release the models without customized boxes then it would be a sad thing for the collectors. Also, I don't see how they would justify the prices if they continue to use the same packaging.

MX101 .... Diesel Road Roller .... Dark blue body, red driver, gold trim, roof casting
MX102 .... Massey Harris Tractor .... Green body, red driver, gold trim, hook casting
MX105 .... Dennis Fire Escape .... Red body, yellow driver, red ladder, gold trim, hook casting
MX115 .... Maserati .... Yellow body, blue driver, hook casting, "1"

Matchbox holiday train is the second in the series (there was one in 1995). This fully functional electronic train contains two Premiere Collection models. These two models are only available with this train. The models are:
04-D- .... '57 Chevy .... Red body, white roof, detailed trim, no tempo
42-D- .... 1957 Thunderbird .... Turquoise body, Green and white interior, detailed trim

70-G- .... Pontiac GTO .... Burgundy body, white and burgundy interior, "GTO"

White Rose Collectibles

267-A- .... Chevy Lumina .... White body, red & blue stripes, "Die Cast & Race Cards Digest/01"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Red body, "McDonald / Monopoly / Reese's / 94"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Purple & Turquoise body, "Hayes Modems / 15"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Orange & blue body, "Badcock / Mane 'n Tail / 12"
269-B- .... Pontiac Grand Prix .... Black body, silver grill, "MBNA America / Mastercard / 22"
(Please note that the above Grand Prix has a different shape than previous version)
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Black, Yellow & red body, "Burger King / Cintas / 87"
284-A- .... Super Truck .... Purple body, Green Hood and sides, "Westview Capital / 33"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Truck .... White body, white container, "ABC Sports"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Truck .... White body, white container, "Maple Donuts / Quality you can see"
287-B- .... Ford Delivery Truck .... Silver body, silver container w/attic, "Penn State"
287-B- .... Ford Delivery Truck .... White body, white container w/attic, "Penn State"
290-A- .... Ford F-150 Super Truck .... White body, black bed, "Petron Plus / 78"

G Book

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