August 1997 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting.

Standard MB1-75 Models

09-H- .... Earth Mover .... Red body, silver dump
17-G- .... Ferrari 456 GT .... Purple body, white design on side & hood 6 spoke spiral wheels
53-H- .... Rhino Rod .... Black body, 5 spoke concave star wheels
61-E- .... Nissan 300 ZX .... Silver gray body, neon orange/yellow design, 5 spoke concave star wheels

75 Challenge Cars

15-J- .... Mustang Mach III .... Gold body
22-H- .... Lamborghini Diablo .... Gold body, 5 spoke concave star wheels
31-J- .... Jaguar XJ 220 .... Gold body
71-H- .... Cobra Mustang .... Gold body

Promotional Models

04-D- .... '57 Chevy .... Red body, yellow flames on sides --- Hot August Nights promotion

Premiere Collection / Gold Premiere / Ultra Class / Inaugural Collection

Nothing to report yet

14-G- .... Corvette Roadster .... Dark Green body, black/gray interior ---- Wal-Mart Release

07-F- .... Porsche 959 .... Dark blue body, gray & black interior
15-F- .... Saab 9000 .... Cream body, cream & black interior
The above two models conclude the Ultra Class Collection unless Matchbox Collectibles decides to release more models in this series.

Nothing to Report yet.

Matchbox/Tyco Pre-School Sesame Street Models

There was a 5-piece gift set released for Matchbox/Tyco Pre-School division. These models are not part of the MB1-75 miniature range and are not available with the regular Matchbox line in Stores. These models are easily available at Toy R Us in the Sesame Street Toy department. A 6th model is available either individually or in a three piece gift set. When buying these models please observe them carefully as the finishing of some of the models is not very good. Here is the list:
Bert's Tow Truck .... Lime body, orange base, yellow wheels
Ernie's Dump Truck .... Blue body, yellow base, red wheels
Elmo's Taxi .... Yellow body, red base, blue wheels
Big Bird's Fire Engine .... Red body, red base, yellow wheels
Cookie Monster's School Bus .... Yellow body, blue base, red wheels
Zoe's Sports Car .... Red body, yellow base, blue wheels

Play Sets

Military Hospital with MB-20 (Jeep) in Olive with red cross
Military Hospital with MB-20 (Jeep) in Olive with white cross
Military Hanger Post with MB-46 (Mission Chopper) in Black & gray camo body
Military Police Headquarter with MB-54 (Abrahms Tank) in Olive
Military Desert Post with MB-03 (Hummer) in Cream and MB-20 (Jeep) in Cream
Military Thundra Defence Force with MB-48 (Unimog) in gray/green Camo body and MB-60 (Rocket Transporter) in gray/green Camo body
Head to Head Challenge with MB-07 Ford Thunderbird in blue & black (The blue model is not available individually yet)

White Rose Collectibles

A set of 28 MB-34 Plymouth Prowlers was released as part of the regular MLB (Major League Baseball) models for 1997. Two additional MB-34 Plymouth Prowlers were released to commemorate the two Expansion Teams for 1998. Hence a total of 30 new Plymouth Prowlers are now available. Only 1,000 sets were released for 1997 so grab them while they last.

G Book

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