August 1996 Matchbox Releases

The two big Matchbox Conventions are over and so are the standard models. Almost all of the 1996 standard MB1-75 have been released, although not all of them in blister cards. There are still many more items to be released for 1996 including Premiere Series models, Harley Davidsons, Plenty of White Rose stuff, Short Run models and don't forget the 1996 re-colors. As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in the Month of August 1996. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting

Standard MB1-75 Models

39-E- .... Ford Bronco .... Black body, fish tempo on sides only ---> China Base (Previous release was Thailand Base)

Promotional Models

38-F- .... Ford Courier .... Red body, "Australian Matchbox News/Club Members"
The above model was given to the Club members. Only 52 were made.

Micro Brewery Series 1

The first (of the six) series was released. This set contains 4 highly detailed and extremely pretty models with gold trim and rubber tires. The set contains the following models:
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... Yellow body, "Dixie/Lexington Brewing Co."
44-H- .... Model A Van .... Dark Blue body, "Scrimshaw/North Coast Brewery Co."
245-A- .... Chevy Panel Van .... Dark Brown body, "Earthquake Pale/San Andreas Brewing Co."
YCC-01-A .... Austin .... Mustard body, "Sun Valley Lager/Sun Valley Brewing Co."

Sports Related Models

A set of 16 models (Australian Football teams) was released in Australia. These are new MB-44 Model "T" Ford Van with metal base plates. The models are released in a special box with two models in each box for the 8 original teams to join the club. All models have the "Australian Football League" Centenary Logo with "1897 - 1996" tempo on the roof. All of the 1897 teams have Beige Roof and Beige Chassis with different body colors. The eight teams are:
Geelong Cats
Fitzroy Lions
Carlton Blues
Essendon Bombers
Melbourne Demons
Collingwood Magpies
South Melbourne (now a Sydney team)
St. Kilda Saints

White Rose Collectibles

268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... White & Navy body, "Valvoline/Dura Blend/6"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Dk blue body, "New Holland/94"
268-A- .... Ford Thunderbird .... Orange body, "White Rose Collectibles/00"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Yellow and Red body, "Kellogg's Corn Flakes"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Blue and Orange body, "Dupont/24"
283-A- .... Monte Carlo .... Gold Body, "Dupont/24"
284-A- .... Super Truck .... Purple Body, no tempo (PRE-PRODUCTION ????) Only 24 made
284-A- .... Super Truck .... Dk blue and White body, "Ultra Wheels/2"
284-A- .... Super Truck .... Black body, "New Hampshire International Speedway/96"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Van .... Red body, "All Star Game/July 9, 1996/Philadelphia"
287-A- .... Ford Delivery Van .... Orange Body, "Preston The 151 Line"

Convoys OR Super Rigs

CY-09-A- .... Kenworth Box Truck .... Dk blue body, blue container, "Matchbox Action System"
CY-39-A- .... Ford Aeromax Box Truck .... Black body, "Body Glove"

G Book

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