April 1999 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting. Also, please remember that Mattel may change the numbering again this year but I would still go by the old numbers from Lesney to Matchbox International to TYCO because that is how I am maintaining my database. You can choose to follow whichever system suites you the best. Oh! one more thing. Starting this year I would be linking some models with their pictures so feel free to click at the link and see the model. Please remember I cannot take pictures of every single model and post it on the web as I do have other things in life but I will try my best to post good pictures. I may be a little slow in taking pictures so do come back and visit previous months to view the models. Or you may bookmark my Picture Gallery and visit it often. Now Enjoy.


08-I- .... Airport Fire Truck (US Version) .... pic Blue body, "Runway Rescue 1"
13-G- .... Kenworth T-2000 (US Version).... pic Blue body, "Eagle Express"
33-G- .... Utility Truck .... pic Silver Grey body, "Idea Power"
36-D- .... Refuse Truck .... pic White body, "Ridge, NY Recycle"
48-H- .... Ford Pickup Truck .... pic Green body, "Fresh Fruit Delivery"
51-K- .... Ambulance .... pic Blue body, "Ridge New York"
53-G- .... US Taxi Ford LTD .... pic Yellow body, black checkers
56-D- .... Peterbilt Tanker (US Version) .... pic White body, "Dairy Line"


15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "Van Club/26 years of Vanning"
15-K- .... Ford Transit .... White body, "Van Club/25th Van Nationals England 1999"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... pic White body, Black roof, "Apple Blossom Festival 1999"
40-I- .... FJ Holden Van .... Blue & Black body, "Gowing Bros" -- Australian
40-I- .... FJ Holden Van .... Red & Black body, "Gowing Bros" -- Australian
44-H- .... Model T Ford .... White body, "Biddestone Village"
49-I- .... V.W. Concept Car .... pic Orange body, "World of Wheels"

CODE-2 models
04-F- .... 1997 Corvette .... White body, "Colorado Auto Auction" -- ASAP
23-G- .... Volvo Container Truck .... White body, "RCA" -- ASAP
23-G- .... Volvo Container Truck .... White body, "Cookman Accounting Services" -- ASAP
34-G- .... Plymouth Prowler .... pic Metallic Sand, "White Guides Movies # 1/May 1999"
34-I- .... 1933 Ford Street Rod .... Red body, "10th Super Southern Swap Meet Ballarat 1999" -- Australian
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... pic White body, Blue lettered "Car of the Month # 6"
38-E- .... Model A Ford .... pic White body, Green lettered "Car of the Month # 6"
47-E- .... School Bus .... Yellow body, "RCA" -- ASAP


Nothing to Report yet.


Nothing to Report yet.


CY39- .... Ford Aeromax Box Truck .... pic Purple body, "TACO BELL"


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Nothing to report yet.

Nothing to report yet.

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