April 2003 Matchbox Releases

As usual here is a list and a small description (my own) of all the Matchbox models that are released so far in this month. Remember I update this list only when I get the model in my collection. This list will be updated as I get new models until then Happy Collecting. Continuing the tradition of last year I am starting to list the "MW-???" code that shows the number that the model is released under in the year 2003. The next code is the catalog listing. For the last two years I started linking some models with their pictures so feel free to click at the link and see the model. Please remember I cannot get pictures of every single model and post it on the web as I do have other things in life but I will try my best to post good pictures. I may be a little slow in linking pictures so do come back and visit previous months to view the models. Or you may bookmark my Picture Gallery and visit it often. Now Enjoy the new Matcbox.


Nothing to Report Yet.

Nothing to Report yet

Hero City Medallion Models
MW011- .... 011-J- .... Emergency Response 4x4 .... pic Met Silver, red interior, red rear load, sawblade wheels, "11" -- blue logo on hood
MW017- .... 011-I- .... King Tow Wrecker .... pic Met Charcoal, red plastic base, red crane, sawblade wheels, "17" -- white logo on hood
MW018- .... 096-A- .... Street Cleaner .... pic White, orange base, red nose, sawblade wheels, "Turbo Jet/18" -- white logo on nose
MW022- .... 040-L- .... Cement Mixer .... pic White, lemone mixer, 4 dot domed wheels, "22" -- white logo on windshield
MW024- .... 072-T- .... Rescue Crane .... pic Lemon, dark green crane, red boom/hook, 4 dot domed wheels, "24" -- white logo on windshield
MW025- .... 038-M- .... Wall Eater/Demolation .... pic Dark Blue, blue platform, orange arm/shovel, "25" -- white logo on left front beam


054-N- .... Fire Tanker .... pic Maroon body, sawblade wheels -- found in Eggmobile
064-I- .... VW Transporter .... Met blue, cherry windows, "76ers 40th Anniversary"
069-K- .... Humvee .... White, black windows, two tone red flames, 4 dot domed wheels -- found in Eggmobile

AVON FORD-100 THEN & NOW SET 036-F- .... 1999 Mustang Convertible .... Red, black interior, flower wheels, "Ford Motor Corporation"
069-H- .... 1968 Cobra Mustang .... Met Blue, black interior, flower wheels, "Ford Motor Corporation"
038-E- .... Model A Ford .... Met Blue, white roof, gray plastic grill, "Ford Motor Corporation"
067-H- .... Ford Expedition .... White, blue interior, lace wheels, "Ford Motor Corporation"

CODE-2 models
Nothing to report this month.
Color Comp Releases
004-F- .... 1997 Corvette .... pic Maroon, "Kiddie Kar Kollectible/20th Anniversary"
004-F- .... 1997 Corvette .... pic Red, "Kiddie Kar Kollectible/20th Anniversary"
030-I- .... Chevy Tahoe Police .... pic Black, "Matchbox North West Collectors Club"

ASAP Releases
Nothing to report this month.


Nothing to report this month.


011-I- .... King Tow .... pic White, sawblade wheels, "Metro-1" -- From Auto Garage Playset


My Classic Cars
042-D .... 1957 T-Bird .... pic Red, chrome base, detailed trim
053-I- .... 1962 VW Beetle .... pic White, gray roof, silver stripes
070-H- .... Pontiac GTO Judge .... pic 070-K .... Chevy SSR .... pic Dk blue, blue flatbed, black base
072-P .... 1965 Mustang GT .... pic Met Green, black interior, detailed trim
557-A .... 1965 Shelby Cobra .... pic Red, black/brown interior, black headrest, "13"

Saturday Night Live
016-G .... School Bus .... pic Yellow, black stripes, detailed trim, "Saturday Night Live"
023-H .... Ford Box Van .... pic Blue/White, detailed trim, "Donuts"
056-D .... Peterbilt Tanker .... pic Green, white container, detailed trim, "Swill"
068-G .... TV News Truck .... pic White, black roof, detailed trim, "Weekend Update"

G Book

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