75 Challenge Cars for 1997

10,000 Gold-painted Matchbox 75 Challenge vehicles were released in 1997 from the standard range. The models were mainly from the 1996 range but some of the 1996 models were also included in this range. Now the challenge part. Kids (or may be the collectors) can gather at least 5 different special edition vehicles, have their picture taken them and send them over to Tyco. On November 4, 1997 there was a drawing in which 750 lucky names got a super limited edition model (MB 4 1957 Chevy) as a price. This model was limited to only 750 pieces.

These models were very hard to find on the shelves as the scalpers would just get them before even they make it to the shelves. I personally only found one model on the shelve. In 1998 when Matell took over Tyco, this promotion was stop in its current form. Matell decided to give the remaining models to K.B. Toys to give away free with a purchase of a Premiere Series car or for $3.00 without the purchase. Later in June 1998 this promotion would be extended to Toys R Us stores so the collectors could complete their sets.

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