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From: Jay Udow 
Organization: Tyco Toys Inc., Matchbox Division
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Want to let you know on behalf of Matchbox Toys USA Ltd. that we're very impressed with your website.

You should know that the official (Tyco) Matchbox website is Matchbox Action Central at www.matchboxtoys.com. The "Tyco site" to which you are currently linking is neither official nor authorized, and Tyco is taking appropriate steps to have it removed from the www.

We welcome you to establish a link from your site to www.matchboxtoys.com and would be glad to provide a link from our official site to your unofficial site. You are doing a very good job of connecting collectors around the world.

On another note, do you plan to attend the Official Matchbox Collectors Convention in Hershey, PA - July 20-21? If so, I would be glad to meet you.


Jay Udow
Director of Marketing
Tyco Toys, Inc.
Matchbox Division

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