In the late 1950's Lesney Products decided to introduce non-vehicular items associated with the MB1-75 models. The basic idea behind this new series was that children could play with them using their miniature models. In 1957 three play sets were released and were named as "Accessory Packs." The three sets were A1-A Fuel Pump and signs, A2-A Car Transporter and A3-A Car Garage.

The expansion of the range to include items which would compliment vehicles led to the introduction of some building. In 1961 Lesney introduced the Home Stores Accessory. Later to add further settings and create extra play value Lesney went on to produce a range of Service stations and Fire Stations. Of course no toy range is complete without Railroad so Matchbox introduced a railroad pack in 1960. Hence the beginning of non vehicular items were added to the range every year.

This series has been grown to include road signs, Parking Garage, a Car Wash, a Truck Stop, a Train Station, a Fire Station, New Car Dealer shop and many other play sets. Since 1996 Tyco has been introducing the series under the name of "Action System" play sets. There were eleven different sets released in 1996 and another six sets to be released in 1997. The fun part of this Action System set is that all the sets could be connected to each other to make a complete city.

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