Matchbox Picture Gallery: White Rose Collectibles
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

LE Blistered NASCARS
DeWalt Convoy Set
Kellogg's Transporter
Miscellaneous transporter
2 Smoking Joe models
Nastrak Driving School Set
Limited Edition Nascars
Some 1996 releases
3 Piece WWF Hustler Set
Bud & Coors Light Models
1994 Collector's Choice set
Some Early 1997 Models
"Matchbox" Bottled Model
Miller Lite Bottled Model
Bud Racing Bottled Model
Kodiak Promotional Model
Matchbox Zamboni
"York Fair" models
1992 York Fair Model
1993 York Fair Model
1994 York Fair Model
1995 York Fair Model
1996 York Fair Model
1998 York Fair Model
1993 Penn State
1995 Penn State
Stern model in Glass Shell
1995 & 1996 Temecula Rod Run models
1996 Temecual Rod Run
1996 Burnfoundation model
NFL 1992 SF 49ers
Georgia Tech Model A Ford
Dutch Valley Ford Delivery Van
Maple Donuts Ford Delivery Van
NHL 75th Anniversay Chicago
NHL 75th Anniversay Rangers
Dupont Team Convoy
Hooters Team Convoy
JD McDuffy Set
MB283 Monte Carlo
Reithofer Gift Set
Budweiser Trailer & Car in Plexigas
"Bojangles 98" Team Convoy
"Puraltor" Team Convoy
Silver Chevy Lumina "Silver Bullet" in Plexi Glass display case.
Blue Chevy Lumina "Silver Bullet" on Plexi Glass display case.
McDonald Team Convoy
54-H .... Chevy Lumina Kandi & Steve Wedding Model
54-H .... Chevy Lumina Stephani & Mike Wedding Model
54-H .... Chevy Lumina Orange & White, "Tide" -- (Pre-Production)
FS-001 .... Ford Delivery Truck Neon Orange without extension "Matchbox" -- (Pre-Production)
FS-001 .... Ford Delivery Truck Neon Orange with and without extension "Matchbox" -- (Pre-Production)

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