NYC Times Square Toys R Us (The Flagship Store)
(All Pictures taken by yours truly)

The Toys R Us flagship store is located right at the heart of Midtown Manhattan - the famous Times Square Area. Actual location is on Broadway between 44th and 45th streets. The store was opened a week before Thanksgiving in 2001, i.e., in the middle of November 2001.

The store is only a 10-15 minute walk from my work so I usually pop into that store fairly regularly. I am amazed about the floor plan and the dsiplays in the store. This is not close to any other TRU that you go to in any town. Everything is perfect. The selection is great and in plenty of quantity. When the store first opened two year ago it had the largest Matchbox collection I have ever seen. However, with time, the display has become shorter and shorter.

It has four floors - a basement, main floor, second floor and a third floor. Third floor is basically offices, and a Pepsi restaurant. The die-cast items are in the basement all the way in the back. First floor has mostly plush toys and other such items. The second floor has quite interesting. It has a Jurassic Park section, a Barbie section, Lego section, Thomas the Train Engine, baby toys and a Candy shop among other toys. For many people, there is an oportunity to see Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and other big size structures including a NY Yankee baseball hat and a hotdog cart.

The Barbie section is like a home. You can walk in and see different rooms. Beautifully decorated with Barbie home items. Go to the second floor of Barbie house and have a look outside the window to see Lego based Manhattan skyscrapers.

Just a few of the unbelievable features in the new store includes a 60-foot-high Ferris Wheel in the basemant with 14 cars from well-known toy icons that escorts riders as they take in the sights of the three-level toy store. There is a minimal charge for the rides. Stand in the line and get into the ride.

Ther are plenty of places to take pictures and have funn. All in all a two thumbs up for the store. A must see for anyone coming to New York. Even a native New Yorker should visit the store at least once. The tourist should make a point to visit the place.

Here are some pictures that I took on two different occassions. I am sorry, the entire store is not covered as I only took pictures of the areas that peaked my interest. Especially in the die-cast area only Matchbox is covered. Have fun and enjoy....


Main Entrance
Main Entrance - Closer Look
Revolving Door
Exiting the Store

Candy Land
M&M in Candy Land
Roof of Candy Land

Die-Cast Sign
Matchbox Sign
Matchbox Truck
Matchbox Truck Left Side
Matchbox Truck Front/Right Side
Matchbox Standard Display
Matchbox Collectible Display

Ferris Wheel
"R" in Ferris Wheel
Matchbox Car in the Ferris Wheel

Lego Guy
Lego Ball
Lego Statue of Liberty
Lego Empire State Building
Lego Harry Potter
Lego Hot Dog Stand
Lego NY Yankees Hat

Barbie House
Jurassic Park Entrance
Jurassic Park Dino
Miss Liberty
Mega Ball
Monopoly Board
Monopoly Guy
Thomas the Train Engine Track

G book

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