Matchbox Picture Gallery: MB-38 Model A Ford
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

Model A Ford Vans are by far the most popular promotional model in Matchbox history. There are over 700 different variations exist. Only a handful of them are listed her in no particular order.

ASAP Promotions
1997 Carol County Fair
ACCO Chain & Lifting Products
ASI 33000 (Blue letters)
Farmers Insurance
Krispy Kreame
Melcer Tiles
New Crawford
New England Ice Cream
Penn State Mellinium Model -- White Model
Penn State Mellinium Model -- Blue Model
Pepsi Cola
Ritz Carlton
Ritz Carlton Spa
Ship McQuaide
Smith Cline Beecham
Tom's Antique
Unionville Fair (1999)
Unionville Fair (2000)
Unionville Fair (2002)
Dutch Way Farms
Amtrak Crescent
Cleburne Cafeteria
57 Heinz Products
Les Kuba
Quaker Oats
Two Men and a Truck

Australian Promotions
1995 Basket Ball Set
1995 Foot Ball Set
1995 Rugby League Set
1995 NBA models in display
1996 5-Piece SHELL promotion
3rd MICA Australia MB38
"11th Ballarat" -- 2000
"Beechworth Bakery" Vans
"Beechworth Bakery" -- 1999 (Image from Matchbox Forum Page)
MB-38 Model A Ford: "Matchbox" "Matchbox" -- Myers Dept. Store Promo
"Shell Motor Spirit"
"True Value"

Club Models
Australia News: "1996 X-mas"
1st MICA Australia Model
1st MICA Europe Model
2nd MICA North America Model
2nd MICA Convention"
3rd MICA Australia Model
3rd MICA Australia Model (Another Shot)
8th MICA UK Model MB-38 Model A Van
Matchbox USA Van
1989 Matchbox Collectors Club Van
1990 Matchbox Collectors Club Van
1991 Matchbox Collectors Club Van
"Matchbox USA" Toy Museum Van
MICA Convention Models

Color Comp Promotions
1999 Color Comp Season's Greetings
20th Annual Favettsville Festival
50th Anniversary Show Gold MB38
Amy & Mark McPeak
An Aussie In NY
Australian Matchbox & Hot Wheels Collector's Club
Black Walnut Festival
Borough of Newfield's 75th Anniversary
Buggies 'N Blues
Cooter's Garage 1999
Cooter's Garage 1999 Xmas
Cooter's Garage 2000
Cooter's Garage 2000 Xmas
Cooter's Garage 2001
Crawler Tractors
DAYTON Farmers Market
Daytona Turkey Run
DelCare World's Finest Belgian Chocolates
Demo Model 2000 Hershey
Demo Model 2001 Hershey
Just Married Susan & Brian
Kathy's Tortuga Winchester
Lions Club of Maple Shade
Lukas Michael Mullaney
Matchbox USA 10th Anniversary Open House
Matchbox USA 25th Anniversary Red Roof
Matchbox USA 25th Anniversary Black Roof
MDM 2002 Toy Show
Mountain State Forest Festival
Pappy's Aircraft Parts
Richard's Jewelery
Route-11 Potatoe
Salute NY Show
Savannah 2001
Snow White Grill 50th Anniversary
South Jersey Ghost Research
Toy Fair 2002 New York
Troop-1 Flea Market
White Guide's Car of the Month-6 Blue Letters
White Guide's Car of the Month-6 Green Letters
White Guide's Presidential Series-1
Woodstock 250th Anniversary
CCi Happy New Year 2003
Creanies Ice Cream
Credit Union
Generation Furniture
Jack's 3rd Birthday
Georgia Pacific
Mills Store
2003 Cystic Fibrosis
2003 Dusty Lobb Memorial
Daily Grind
Kaitlyn Marie

Miscellaneious Models
"Ben Franklin"
"Big Apple Circus"
"Champion Spark Plug" -- First Ever MB-38
Chinese Market Only: Blue/Orange
Chinese Market Only: Blue/Red
Chinese Market Only: Blue/Yellow
"Matchbox Series"
"PG Tips"

Premiere Style Models
First Coca Cola Premier Series

Promotional Models
1996 EGGO Model
1996 EGGO Promotion
MB38 & MB44 from Kellogg's Promotional
"1999 Apple Blossom"
"Continental Aero"
"Fred Myers 75th Anniversary"
H.H. Brain
Johnnie Walker
Matthew Walker
On the Move -- 1984 Toyfair
On the Move
"Penn State"
Rice Krispies
Sammler Treffen -- Model From Germany
Swedish Kellogg's
"This Van Delivers"
White (Blank) from Graffi Traffi Set

Toy Fair Models
Toy Fair 1984 MB-38 Van
Toy Fair 1984 & 1990 MB-38 Vans

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