Matchbox Picture Gallery: Standard Lesney
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

MB01 Mercedes Truck
MB01 Mod Rod
MB01 Mod Rod with Red wheels
MB01 Revin Rebel
MB01 Blue Dodge Challenger
MB01 Red Dodge Challenger
MB02 Mercedes Trailer
MB02 Hot Rod Jeep
MB02 Hovercraft Rescue
MB02 Black & Yellow S2 Jet
MB02 Blue S2 Jet
MB03 Mercedes "Binz" Ambulance
MB03 Mercedes "Binz" Ambulance (another shot)
MB03 Monteverdi Hai
MB03 Red Porsche
MB03 Silver Porsche
MB04 Stake Truck
MB04 Gruesome Twosome
MB04 Pontiac Firebird
MB05 Purple Lotus Europa
MB05 Blue Lotus Europa
MB05 Seafire
MB05 US Mail Truckwith Small Windows
MB05 US Mail Truck with Large Windows

MB06 Ford Pickup Truck
MB06 Red Mercedes
MB06 Yellow Mercedes
MB06 Mercedes Convertible
MB07 Refuse Truck
MB07 Green Golf
MB07 Silver Golf
MB07 Yellow Golf
MB07 Rompin Rabbit
MB07 Hairy Hustler
MB08 White Ford Mustang
MB08 Detomaso Pantera
MB08 Rover
MB09 Boat & Trailer
MB09 AMX Javelin
MB09 Ford RS 2000
MB10 Pipe Truck
MB10 Piston Popper
MB10 Plymouth Police Car

MB11 Flying Bug
MB11 Car Transporter
MB11 Boss Mustang
MB12 Landrover
MB12 Setra Coach
MB12 Setra Coach Yellow
MB12 Big Bull
MB12 Blue Citroen (black base)
MB12 Citroen (silver base)
MB13 Dodge Wreck Truck
MB13 Baja Buggy
MB13 Baja Buggy w/Polka Flowers
MB13 Snorkel Truck
MB14 Iso Grifo
MB14 Mini Ha Ha
MB14 Ralley Royale
MB14 Elf Patrol Tanker
MB15 Volks Wagon Beetle
MB15 Fork Lift
MB15 Fork Lift in Orange
MB15 Hi Ho Silver

MB16 Badger
MB16 White Pontiac
MB16 Gold Pontiac
MB17 The Londoner "Swinging London"
MB17 The Londoner Red "Berger Paints"
MB17 The Londoner Silver "Berger Paints"
MB17 The Londoner Coffee "Berger Paints"
MB17 The Londoner Orange "Jacobs"
MB17 The Londoner "Lakersky"
MB17 The Londoner "Chesterfield"
MB17 The Londoner "Montepna"
MB17 The Londoner "Selfridges"
MB17 The Londoner "Typhoo"
MB17 The Londoner Blue "1953-1978"
MB17 The Londoner "The Museum of London"
MB17 The Londoner "Jacobs Biscuit Maker" in Orange
MB17 Horse Box
MB18 Field Car
MB19 Lotus
MB19 Road Dragster
MB19 Purple Road Dragster
MB19 Cement Truck
MB20 Marzal
MB20 Red Marzal
MB20 Police Patrol
MB20 Police Patrol (olive)

MB21 Fooden Cement Truck
MB21 Rod Roller
MB21 Blue Renault
MB21 Silver Renault
MB22 Pontiac Coupe
MB22 Freeman Intercity Commuter
MB22 Freeman Intercity Commuter w/o labels
MB22 Blaze Buster
MB22 Big Foot
MB23 V.W. Camper
MB23 Atlas
MB23 Mustang GTO
MB24 Yellow Team Matchbox
MB24 Blue Team Matchbox
MB24 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
MB24 Diesel Shunter
MB25 Mod Rod
MB25 Yellow Toyota Celica
MB25 Blue Toyota Celica
MB25 Flat Car
MB25 Flat Car (Brown)
MB25 Flat Car (Tan)

MB26 Site Dumper
MB26 Red Site Dumper
MB26 Big Banger
MB26 Cosmic Blues
MB26 Cable Truck
MB26 Cable Truck in Yellow
MB27 Mercedes 230SL
MB27 Lamborghini Countach
MB27 Yellow Lamborghini Countach
MB27 Swing Wing Jet
MB28 Stoat
MB28 Lincoln Continental
MB28 Dump Truck
MB29 Fire Pumper
MB29 Racing Mini
MB29 Shovel Nose Tractor -- Yellow
MB29 Shovel Nose Tractor -- Red
MB30 Articulated Truck
MB30 Leyland Truck
MB30 Beach Buggy
MB30 Swamp Rat
MB30 Swamp Rat with box

MB31 Lincoln Continental
MB31 Volks Dragon
MB31 Mazda RX7
MB32 8-Wheel Crane
MB32 Masarati Bora with "8" Label
MB32 Masarati Bora with "3" Label
MB32 Field Gun
MB32 Excavator
MB33 Lamborghini Miura
MB33 Police Motor Cycle
MB33 Green Police Motorcycle
MB33 Datsun 126X
MB34 Formula Racer
MB34 Vantastic
MB34 Vantastic with Engine
MB34 Vantastic with Sunflower on hood
MB34 Chevy Prostocker
MB34 Pepsi Chevy Pro
MB35 Fire Truck
MB35 Fandango
MB35 Zoo Truck

MB36 Opel Diplomat
MB36 Refuse Truck
MB36 Formula 5000
MB36 Orange Formula 5000
MB36 Purple Hotrod Draguar
MB36 Hotrod Draguar
MB37 Cattle Truck
MB37 Soopa Coopa
MB37 Skip Truck
MB37 Sun Burner
MB37 Matra Rancho
MB38 Honda Trailer
MB38 Stingeroo
MB38 Camper
MB38 Armoured Jeep
MB38 Famous MB-38 by Lesney
MB39 Clipper
MB39 Rolls Royce
MB39 Rolls Royce Red
MB40 Orange Horse Box
MB40 Green Horsebox
MB40 Vauxhall Guildsman

MB41 Ford GT
MB41 Red Siva Spyder
MB41 Blue Siva Spyder
MB41 Ambulance
MB42 Iron Fairy Crane
MB42 Mayflower Truck
MB42 NYK Truck
MB42 Tyre Fryer
MB43 Pony Trailer
MB43 Dragon Wheels
MB43 Steam Locomotive
MB44 Refrigerator Truck
MB44 Boss Mustang
MB44 Passenger Coach
MB45 Red Ford Group 6
MB45 Green Ford
MB45 BMW with "Manhalter"
MB45 BMW with "Polizei"
MB45 Kenworth

MB46 Gold Mercedes
MB46 Stretcha Fetcha
MB46 Lime Stretcha Fetcha
MB46 Pizza Van
MB46 Blue Ford Tractor & Horrow
MB46 Green Ford Tractor & Horrow
MB46 Hot Chocolate
MB47 DAF Tipper Truck
MB47 Pannier Loco
MB47 Beach Hopper
MB47 Jaguar SS
MB48 Pie Eyed Piper
MB48 Sambron Jacklift
MB48 Red Rider
MB49 Chop Suey
MB49 Chop Suey with Chrome Handlebars
MB49 Unimog
MB49 Crane Truck
MB50 Kennel Truck
MB50 Articulated Truck
MB50 Harley Davidson without Rider
MB50 Harley Davidson with Rider

MB51 8 Wheel Tipper
MB51 Citroen SM
MB51 Combine Harvester
MB52 Dodge Charger
MB52 Police Launch
MB52 BMW M1 Silver
MB53 Tanzara
MB53 Yellow CJ6 Jeep
MB53 Green CJ6 Jeep
MB54 Cadillac Ambulance
MB54 Ford Capri
MB54 Personal Carrier
MB54 Mobile Home
MB54 NASA Tracking Vehicle
MB55 Police Car
MB55 Hellraiser
MB55 Ford Cortina
MB55 Green Ford Cortina

MB56 Orange Pininfarina
MB56 Gold Pininfarina
MB56 Hi Tailer
MB56 Mercedes 450
MB57 Kent Landrover Fire Truck
MB57 Caravan
MB57 Wildlife Truck
MB58 Girder Truck
MB58 Woosh N Push
MB58 Faun Dump Truck
MB59 Mercury Fire Chief
MB59 Mercury Fire Chief with "Fire Chief" Labels
MB59 Green Planet Scout
MB59 Red Planet Scout
MB59 Porsche 928
MB60 Site Hut Truck
MB60 Red Holden Pickup
MB60 Cream Holden Pickup
MB60 Piston Popper

MB61 Blue Shark
MB61 Blue Shark with Scorpion Label
MB61 Red Boom Wreck Truck
MB61 Grey Book Wreck Truck
MB61 Peterbilt Wrecker
MB62 Mercury cougar
MB62 Rat Rod Dragster
MB62 Renault 17TL
MB62 Corvette
MB63 Freeway Gas Tanker
MB63 BP Freeway Gas Tanker
MB63 ARAL Freeway Gas Tanker
MB63 Crane
MB63 Open Back Truck
MB64 Slingshot Dragster
MB64 Fire Chief
MB64 Caterpillar
MB65 Saab Sonet
MB65 Airport Coach
MB65 TWA Coach

MB66 Greyhound Bus
MB66 Ford Transit
MB66 Red Mazda RX500
MB66 Orange Mazda RX500
MB66 Tyrone Malone
MB67 V.W. 1600
MB67 V.W. 1600 Purple
MB67 Hot Rocker
MB67 Datsun 260
MB68 Porsche Porsche
MB68 Red Cosmobile
MB68 Blue Cosmobile
MB68 Orange Chevy Van
MB68 Orange Chevy Van with Orange/Blue Stripes
MB68 Vanpire Van
MB69 Turboy Fury
MB69 Armoured Security Truck
MB70 Grit Spreader
MB70 Dodge Dragster
MB70 Orange Peel
MB70 SP Gun
MB70 Ferrari 308

MB71 Jumbo Jet
MB71 Wrecker Truck
MB71 Green Cattle Truck
MB71 Red Cattle Truck
MB72 Hovercraft
MB72 Jeep
MB72 Road Roller
MB72 Dodge Truck
MB72 Maxi Taxi
MB73 Red Mercury Stationwagon
MB73 Model A Ford w/Spare
MB73 Weasel
MB74 Green Cougar
MB74 Blue Cougar
MB74 Toe Joe
MB74 Fiat Abrath
MB75 Rescue Helicopter
MB75 Purple Carabo
MB75 Helicopter

MB77 Toyota Celica
MB79 Mitsubishi Galant
Roman Numeral IV Flying Beetle

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