Matchbox Picture Gallery: Miscellaneous Coca Cola Models
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

Please note that this list is by no means complet. There are a lot of models released with "Coca Cola" livery by Matchbox. I am only listing what I can list and/or have pictures. I will continue to add as I take more pictures.


SERIES-1 -- released in 1998
Series-1: 1956 Ford Pickup Truck
Series-1: Mach CH 600 Truck
Series-1: Chevy El Camino
Series-1: F-150 Ford Truck
Series-1: MB-38 Model A Ford
Series-1: VW Beetle

SERIES-2 -- released in 1999
Series-2: 1933 Ford Coupe
Series-2: 1955 Chevy Bellair
Series-2: 1957 Corvette
Series-2: 1962 VW Beetle
Series-2: 1968 Mustang
Series-2: MB-44 Model T Ford

SERIES-3 -- released in Early 2000
Series-3: 1969 Camaro SS
Series-3: Sea Plane
Series-3: Blimp
Series-3: Jeep Wrangler
Series-3: Hydroplane
Series-3: 1967 V.W. Bus
Series-3: 1967 VW Bus (another shot)

SERIES-4 -- released in Late 2000
Series-4: Chevy Camaro
Series-4: Chevy Transporter Bus
Series-4: Ford Expedition
Series-4: Ford Van
Series-4: Ford Mustang
Series-4: Chevy Corvette
Series-4: Complete Set # 4 (Picture taken from the internet)

SERIES-5 -- released in Early 2001
Series-5: Chevy Camaro in Red
Series-5: Pontiac Firebird in Yellow
Series-5: Pontiac GTO in White
Series-5: Ford Mustang in White
Series-5: Ford Mustang in Red
Series-5: Chevy Corvtte in Yellow

SERIES-6 -- released in Early 2002
Series-6: Audi TT in White
Series-6: Ford Explorer Sport Trac in Black
Series-6: Jeep Wrangler in Silver
Series-6: Mazda RX-7 in Red
Series-6: VW Beetle Concept in White (w/ side mirrors)
Series-6: VW Beetle Concept in White (w/o side mirrors)
Series-6: VW Transporter in Red & White

2003 Coca Cola Pin Up Series
Coke Pin Up: Mercedes Benz ML430
Coke Pin Up: Chevy Van
Coke Pin Up: Ford Focus
Coke Pin Up: Jeep Cherokee
Coke Pin Up: Holden Panel Van
Coke Pin Up: Chrysler PT Cruiser

2003 Coca Cola Signs Series
Coca Cola Signs: Mercedes Benz A Class
Coca Cola Signs: 1969 Camaro
Coca Cola Signs: Dodge Dart
Coca Cola Signs: Pontiac GTO
Coca Cola Signs: MGA
Coca Cola Signs: VW Transporter

2003 Coca Cola Diorama (Drug Store Sign Series)
Coca Cola Diorama: Chevy Van
Coca Cola Diorama: Dodge Airflow
Coca Cola Diorama: Dodge Airflow

Coke Gift Sets & Individual Models
1999 Coke Gift Set from Service Merchandise
Target Exclusive: Coca Cola Gift Set
Coke Jaguar with black wheels
Coke Ford Transit


Coca Cola Promotion
2001 AVON Promo "Coke 50's Set"
2001 AVON Promo "Coke 60's Set"
2001 AVON Promo "Coke 70's Set"
2001 German Coke BMW 850i in Yellow with Flower Wheels
2002 German Coke-01 Chevy Tahoe in Yellow
2002 German Coke-02 1997 MGF in Red
2002 German Coke-03 VW Beetle Convertible
2002 German Coke-04 Mustang Convertible in White
2002 German Coke-05 Scania T-142 in Yellow/Red
2002 German Coke-06 London Taxi in White
2002 German Coke-07 Ford Transit in Silver
2002 German Coke-08 Ford Falcon in White
2002 German Coke-09 Ford Falcon in Green
2002 German Coke-10 Ford Delivery Van in Red
2003 Walmart Exclusive Mercedes Benz S500
2003 Walmart Exclusive Chevy Van
2003 Walmart Exclusive Ford Falcon
2003 Walmart Exclusive MGF
2003 Walmart Exclusive Mustang Cobra
2003 Walmart Exclusive Police Launch


Big Movers: Coke
Big Movers: Coca Cola Bus
1998 Christmas Coke Convoy
1999 Christmas Coke Convoy
2001 Coca Cola Trailer Exclusive for German Market
2001 Coke Around the World US Market
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Jan/Feb 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Mar/Apr 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with May/Jun 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Jul/Aug 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Sep/Oct 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Nov/Dec 1947 Calendar

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