Exhibition Matchbox Toys at AXA Financial)

During the 2001 Holiday Season, yours truly's Matchbox collection was put on display at AXA Financial, Headquarters in New York City. The exhibition was well taken by all employees and enjoyed by children who came to meet with Santa a couple of days before Christmas. The exhibition started in the first week of December 2001 and stayed till the first week of February 2002 at the 15th floor of AXA Financial's HQ in NYC - 1290 Avenue of the America. This exhibition was limited to AXA employees or guests who visited the building at that time. Here are some pictures from the exhibition. Have fun and enjoy......


Exhibition Picture-1
Exhibition Picture-2
Exhibition Picture-3
Exhibition Picture-4
Exhibition Picture-5
Exhibition Picture-6
Exhibition Picture-7
Exhibition Picture-8
Exhibition Picture-9
Exhibition Picture-10
Exhibition Picture-11
Exhibition Picture-12
Exhibition Picture-13
Exhibition Picture-14
Exhibition Picture-15
Exhibition Picture-16
Exhibition Picture-17
Exhibition Picture-18
Exhibition Picture-19
Exhibition Picture-20

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