Matchbox Picture Gallery: Australian Models
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

1995 Basket Ball Set
1995 Foot Ball Set
1995 Rugby League Set
1995 NBA models in display
1996 Centenary Foot Ball (Set-1)
1996 Centenary Foot Ball (Set-2)
1997 Foot Ball League Models
1997 Australian Open
2000 Olympics: Holden Commodore
2000 Olympics: Set of 3 Holden Models
Special Foot Ball Club FJ Holden
Olympic Yesteryear Models Set - 1
Olympic Yersteryear Models Set - 2
Holdon Comodore

MB-15 Ford Transit: "Australia Post"
MB-38 Model A Ford: "Beechworth Vans"
MB-60 Ford Transit: "Rooster Head"
2 Standard 1997 releases
Holden Panel Van MW-40 From 1999 Standard Line.
Holden Panel Van MW-14 From 2000 Standard Line.
Aston Martin MW-63 From 1995 Standard Line.

1995 Kellogg's Promotion
1995 Post Office Set
1996 5-Piece SHELL promotion
Melbourne Motorshow Car
"World 4 Kid Bronco"
"Your Promotional Vehicle"
MB-38 Model A Ford: "RACQ"
MB-38 Model A Ford: "Shell Promo"
MB-38 Model A Ford: "True Value"
MB-38 Model A Ford: "Beechworth Bakery" -- 1999 (Image from Matchbox Forum Page)
MB-38 Model A Ford: "11th Ballarat" -- 2000
MB-38 Model A Ford: "Matchbox" Myers Dept. Store Promo
MB-38 Model A Ford: Action Auction Gerry Floyd (Code-3)
MB-44 Model T Ford: "8th Ballarat"
MB-44 Model T Ford: "HAIGH'S Chocolates"
MB-44 Model T Ford: "1996 Bandigo"
MB-44 Model T Ford: "Bandigo Swap Meet"
MB-44 Model T Ford: "1996 Springfest Extraveganza"
MB-44 Model T Ford: "Springfest Extraveganza"
FJ Holden Van: "Automodels"
FJ Holden Van: Misc. Promos
Holden Panel Van: "Thrifty Hardware"
Holden Panel Van: "Thrifty Hardware"Another Shot.
Queensland Police -- Image from John Nijhuis Page.
Some Non-FJ Holden promos
2 Castrol Models
BP Tanker
Castrol Falcon
Ford Street Rod: 2001 Ballarat Swap Meet"
1956 Ford Pickup: 2002 Ballarat Swap Meet

Australia News "1996 Club Models"
Australia News: "1996 X-mas"
3rd MICA Australia MB38
Holden Panel Van: Australia Matchbox News 10th Anniversary
Dodge Airflow: Australia Matchbox News 2002 Merry Xmas in Yellow
Dodge Airflow: Australia Matchbox News 2002 Merry Xmas in Red
Mack Junior: 2002 Balarrat Swap Meet in Black
Mack Junior: 2002 Balarrat Swap Meet in Yellow

A Skybuster from down under
Set: "Fast Way Courier"
Convoy: "RTF"
P.M.G Motorbike
1997 "Inaugural" Set
Ford Mondeo in Blue
Holden 50th Anniversary -- Image from John Nijhuis Page.

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