Matchbox Picture Gallery: 50th Anniversary 2002 NY Toy Show

The 50th Anniversary 2002 Toy Show was held at Pier 60 of Chelsea Piers, NY on Saturday August 24, 2002 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. All the pictures you see here are taken by yours truly except for the first one that was taken by Marc Regan on Friday (the day before). I stole this picture from the Matchbox Message Board. I hope Marc does not have a problem. The pictures are divided into five different sections:

1) The Trailer & Outside Play Area
2) The Show @ Chelsea Piers
3) Different Collectors at the Show
4) Show Related Items
5) Show Related Models

I took these pictures keeping in the mind all the collectors who wanted to be at the show but could not make it. For those people who were fortunate enough to attend the show enjoy the pictures and appreciate the view from a different prospective. Just a small request that please view these pictures (at least the pictures of the first two sections) the order they are listed to enjoy full coverage. I hope all of you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them. I took over 100 pictures but these are the best. Have Fun.

The Trailer parked at Chelsea Piers (Picture taken by Marc Regan)
The Trailer Cab
The Trailer Left Side
The Trailer Rear View
Across America Seal on the Trailer Left Side of the trailer.
Across America Seal on the Trailer Right Side of the Trailer.
Across America Display
1:64 Scale 50th Anniversary Model Display
Non 1:64 Scale 50th Anniversary Model Display
Playing Area Tent for Small Children next to the Trailer
Inside of the Playing Area Tent for Small Children next to the Trailer
Playing Area Car Track for young Children
TV Screens for Matchbox Advertisements
"Family Fun" Poster On the Way to the Trailer Area
"Free Matchbox Car" Poster On the Way to the Trailer Area

Chelsea Piers Directions to go to different Piers
Mattel Sign to go to the Toy Show at Chelsea Piers
Show Banner at Piers 60 Entrance
Toy Show Banner at the Entrance -- Above the Receptionist Desk
Entrance to the Hall
"How to Make a Matchbox" Banner
"History of Matchbox 1952 - 2002" Banner
"Matchbox History 1952-1956" Banner
"Matchbox History 1958-1969" Banner
"Matchbox History 1973-1988" Banner
"Matchbox History 1988-2002" Banner
The Gold Meanstick Fire Truck in Display
The Gold Meanstick Fire Truck Poster
"Souvenirs" Banner
People Buying Souvenirs @ Mattel Stand
"Get Your Free Matchbox" Sign
"Play Area" Banner
Prize Area
Prize Area & Play Area
eBay Banner at the Show
Another eBay Banner at the Show
Matchbox Forum Tribute to 50th Anniversary
Matchbox Road Museum Stand
"Sothebys" (eBay) Banner

Art Cox at MICA Table
Bill & Donna Shisler of Color Comp Inc.
Bill Shisler with his Machine
Bob Burdick at Matchbox Forum Stand
Bob Burdick & John Yanozus of Matchbox Forum
Charlie Mack at Matchbox USA Stand
Everett Marshall at Matchbox Road Museum Stand
Larry Scadutto, Terry Ozima & Bob Neuman of Illinois Matchbox Collectors Club
Stefan Trundt of Germany at his Table

50th Anniversary Seal
50th Anniversary Balloon
Show Sing with Balloosn at the Piers
50th Anniversary Book
"Official Matchbox Hero" pin for Children
2002 Pocket Check List (US Range)
Shopping Bag from the Souveirs Stand
Small Shopping Bag Available with Free Matchbox Car
A Boat Parked outside of Piers 61

Official NY Show Ford Expedition with Box
Official NY Show Ford Expedition Only (No Box)
Official NY Show Dealer Exclusive VW Microbus
Color Comp 50th Anniversary Gold MB38 with Wooden Base
Color Comp Salutes Matchbox 50th Anniversary MB38
Color Comp Demo Mustang with Blue/White Letters
Color Comp Demo Mustang with Pink/White Letters
Color Comp Demo Prowler
An Aussie in NY MB38
Matchbox USA Chrome Tour Bus
Matchbox USA Red Tour Bus
MICA Blue VW Transporter
MICA White VW Transporter with Blue Letters
MICA White VW Transporter with Red Letters
New York City Fire Truck from Ad-Ventures
My Find of the Day - MB38 "Sammler Treffen" -- (I know this is not show related but I thought I might share this with you.)

There were a lot of other short run promotional models but they were not directly related to the show so I am not showing them here. However, you can check a complete list of those models in my August 2002 What's New section.

G book

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