Matchbox Picture Gallery: 2002 Non-Standard Miniature Models
(All Pictures are from my Collection)

Please note that although this gallery shows majority of the models released in 2002, it does not include every single model released in 2002. Hence this picture gallery should not considered as the absolute final list of 2002 line. I will add pictures as space/time permits.


Across America Series
Check out my Across America Page. (Includes ROW Birthday Cars & McDonald Promo)

AVON Exclusive
AVON: Froot Loops
AVON: Frosted Flakes
AVON: Rice Krispies
AVON: Elvis 4 Car Set

Convoys - Buses
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Jan/Feb 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Mar/Apr 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with May/Jun 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Jul/Aug 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Sep/Oct 1947 Calendar
2002 Coke Calendar Girl with Nov/Dec 1947 Calendar
ROW Convoy - Coke
ROW Convoy - Ford
ROW Convoy - Kellogg's
ROW Convoy - Matchbox
ROW Convoy - Michilen
MCI Bus: Disney 2002
Blockbuster Video Exclusive: Spongebob Two Pack

Easter Eggs Exclusive
Mustang with Flower Wheels
Mustang with Gold Wheels

Feature Cars (Premiere Style Models)
50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary: 1962 VW Beetle.
50th Anniversary: 1957 Chevy Bellair.
50th Anniversary: Cadillac Fleetwood.
50th Anniversary: Dennis Sabre Fire Truck.
50th Anniversary: Ford Street Rod.
50th Anniversary: 1967 VW Tranporter.
50th Anniversary: F-150 Ford Pickup Truck
50th Anniversary: Chevy Impala
50th Anniversary: KME Fire Truck
50th Anniversary: Chevy Suburban

Barrett Jackson
Barrett Jackson: Chevy Bellair Hardtop.
Barrett Jackson: Camaro Z28.
Barrett Jackson: 1957 Chevy Corvette.
Barrett Jackson: Mustang Cobra Jet.
Barrett Jackson: Pink Cadillac.
Barrett Jackson: 1967 VW Transporter.

Coca Cola
Coke: Audi TT in White
Coke: Ford Explorer Sport Trac in Black
Coke: Jeep Wrangler in Silver
Coke: Mazda RX-7 in Red
Coke: VW Beetle Concept in White
Coke: VW Transporter in Red & White

Feature Car: Seagrave Meanstick Gold.
Feature Car: Seagrave Meanstick Red.

Military: Abrams Tank.
Military: 1/2 Ton Truck.
Military: Jeep & Trailer.
Military: M3A2 Half Track.
Military: M60 A3 Tanker.
Military: Sherman Tank.

Texaco: Boat
Texaco: Chevy El Camino
Texaco: Ford Box Van
Texaco: Model T Ford
Texaco: Chevy Silverado
Texaco: Wrecker Truck

Five Packs
Check out my Five Pack Page.

German BMW Dealers Exclusive
German Dealer: BMW 850i
German Dealer: BMW 3-Series (Blue)
German Dealer: BMW 3-Series (Red)
German Dealer: BMW 3-Series (Convertible)
German Dealer: BMW Police Car
German Dealer: BMW X5
German Dealer: BMW Z3
German Dealer: BMW Z8

German Coke Series
2002 German Coke-01 Chevy Tahoe in Yellow
2002 German Coke-02 1997 MGF in Red
2002 German Coke-03 VW Beetle Convertible
2002 German Coke-04 Mustang Convertible in White
2002 German Coke-05 Scania T-142 in Yellow/Red
2002 German Coke-06 London Taxi in White
2002 German Coke-07 Ford Transit in Silver
2002 German Coke-08 Ford Falcon in White
2002 German Coke-09 Ford Falcon in Green
2002 German Coke-10 Ford Delivery Van in Red

German "Stars of Germany" Series
Stars of Germany: 1962 VW Beetle
Stars of Germany: 1967 VW Transporter
Stars of Germany: Mercedes Benz A Class
Stars of Germany: Mercedes Benz ML430
Stars of Germany: Mercedes CLK
Stars of Germany: BMW 3-Series (2 Door Version)
Stars of Germany: BMW 3-Series (4 Door Version)
Stars of Germany: BMW 3-Series (Convertible/Cabrio)
Stars of Germany: BMW X5
Stars of Germany: BMW Z8
Stars of Germany: Porsche Boxster
Stars of Germany: Porsche 911 Turbo

Heroes Series
Heroes Series: Ambulance
Heroes Series: Extending Ladder Fire Truck
Heroes Series: International Fire Pumper
Heroes Series: Police Car
Heroes Series: 3-Pack
Heroes Series: True Heroes Gift Set (Target Exclusive)

Launcher Sets
Action Launcher: Car Transporter
Action Launcher: Fire Truck

Play Sets & Play Set Exclusive Models + CD ROMs
CD-ROM: Extending Ladder Fire Truck
Play Set: Build 'n Bash
Play Set: Police Station
Play Set: Car Wash
Play Set: Rapid Response Centre
Play Set Model: Cement Mixer from Construction Set
Play Set Model: Chevy Impala from Fire Station Set
Play Set Model: 4 Wheeler from Rock Slide Rescue Lunch Box
Play Set: Rock Slide Rescue Lunch Box

Pleasant Hill Books & Exclusive Models
Book with Miniature -- Storm
Book with Miniature -- Trash
Book with Miniature - Crucnch (note: sawblade wheels)

Promotional Models
Philadelphia 76ers Fire Truck Exclusive model given at the Jan 19th 2002 Game (76ers vs. Knicks)
"Nassau County" Command Vehicle
Halmark: C-29 Fire Truck Ornament Christmas Ornament
Ford Expedition New York Toy Show Model
Ford Expedition & Box New York Toy Show Model
VW Micro Bus New York Toy Show Dealer Exclusve (8 different variations exist between base, interior & windows)
Chrysler PT Cruiser New Jersey DieCast Collectors Club model
'56 Ford Pickup Truck Australian Ballarat Swap Meet
VW Transporter Matchbox Forum 5th Anniversary Model
2002 York Fair VW Transporter
2002 VW Transporter Plain
Mercedes ML430 -- MCCD Club
Set of 3 VW Transporter from MICA Germany
Armored Car for Nevada State Bank (NSB)
1956 Ford Pickup Truck for NASCAR 50th Anniversary
Australia News: Hodel Panel - 10th Anniversary
Australia News: Dodge Airflow in Red - Merry Xmas
Australia News: Dodge Airflow in Yellow - Merry Xmas
Check Republic Club: Ford Box Van
Balarrat Swap Meet: Mack Junior in Black
Balarrat Swap Meet: Mack Junior in Yellow

City Puzzle: Ambulance
City Puzzle: Fire Truck

Sky Busters
Skybuster Set-1 4 models
Skybuster Set-2 4 models
Skybuster Set-3 4 models

Toy Fair Models
Pre Toy Fair 2002 Palm Spring. (European Version)
Pre Toy Fair 2002 Fire Truck with flakes. (US Version)
Pre Toy Fair 2002 Palm Spring.
Toy Fair 2002 European VW Transporter.
Pre Toy Fair 2003 Hollywood Police Car.

G book

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