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Here are the pictures of the 2002 standard miniature releases. Unlike previous years, there are no exclusive models for Germany, UK, or Australian markets this year. There will be 24 exclusive models for ROW. All of the models will have the 2002 birthday medallion making a total of 198 standard miniature models for 2002. The ROW exclusive models are also listed here. In case there is a variation in the models from US and other markets, the model is listed under the respective market number. I tried to be as consistent as possible but there is a margin of error. Please feel free to let me know if you find an error in this listing. Pictures of most of the released models will be here and the list will get updated as the new models are released. I will try my best to put picture of every single model. However, it is practically impossible for me to have pictures of all the models as it takes time and space. I will try by best to post as much as possible. Just a couple of things before you have fun, "MW" stands for "Mattel Wheels". Also, some of the pictures are taken from JKStorm.com with permission from Jack. Now you can sit back, relax and have fun.


MW-001 .... King Tow -- USA Series-1 "Hometown Heroes"
MW-002 .... London Bus -- USA Series-1 "Hometown Heroes"
MW-003 .... Street Sweeper -- USA Series-1 "Hometown Heroes"
MW-004 .... Ford Falcon Taxi -- USA Series-1 "Hometown Heroes"

MW-005 .... Chevrolet Impala Police -- USA Series-2 "Safety Stars"
MW-005 .... Porsche Boxster -- ROW Series-2 "Int'l Daily Drivers"
MW-006 .... Chevrolet Blazer -- USA Series-2 "Safety Stars"
MW-006 .... Ford Focus -- ROW Series-2 "Int'l Daily Drivers"
MW-007 .... Chevrolet Camaro Police -- USA Series-2 "Safety Stars"
MW-007 .... BMW 328i -- ROW Series-2 "Int'l Daily Drivers"
MW-008 .... Chevrolet Suburban Fire -- USA Series-2 "Safety Stars"
MW-008 .... Mercedes-Benz E-Class -- ROW Series-2 "Int'l Daily Drivers"

MW-009 .... .... BMW Z8 -- USA Series-3 "Style Champs"
MW-010 .... Dodge Viper GTS R -- USA Series-3 "Style Champs"
MW-011 .... 2000 Chevrolet Corvette -- USA Series-3 "Style Champs"
MW-012 .... Ford Mustang Convertible -- USA Series-3 "Style Champs"

MW-013 .... Ford Crown Police -- USA Series-4 "To the Rescue"
MW-013 .... Ambulance -- ROW Series-4 "Int'l Rescue"
MW-014 .... Sea Speeder -- USA Series-4 "To the Rescue"
MW-014 .... Snorkel -- ROW Series-4 "Int'l Rescue"
MW-015 .... Police Bus -- USA Series-4 "To the Rescue"
MW-015 .... Fire Pumper -- ROW Series-4 "Int'l Rescue"
MW-016 .... Ford Truck w/Raft -- USA Series-4 "To the Rescue"
MW-016 .... Ford Transit -- ROW Series-4 "Int'l Rescue"

MW-017 .... .... Cement Mixer -- USA Series-5 "Build it Right"
MW-018 .... Dirt Hauler -- USA Series-5 "Build it Right"
MW-019 .... .... Super Dozer -- USA Series-5 "Build it Right"
MW-020 .... Road Roller Paver -- USA Series-5 "Build it Right"

MW-021 .... Ford F-150 -- USA Series-6 "Great Outdoors"
MW-021 .... Jaguar XJ220 -- ROW Series-6 "Int'l Fast Ones"
MW-022 .... Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 -- USA Series-6 "Great Outdoors"
MW-022 .... Porsche 911GT1 -- ROW Series-6 "Int'l Fast Ones"
MW-023 .... Chevrolet K-1500 4x4 -- USA Series-6 "Great Outdoors"
MW-023 .... Lamborghini Diablo -- ROW Series-6 "Int'l Fast Ones"
MW-024 .... Ford Explorer Sport Track -- USA Series-6 "Great Outdoors"
MW-024 .... Lotus Elise -- ROW Series-6 "Int'l Fast Ones"

MW-025 .... .... Fire Crusher -- USA Series-7 "Red Hot Heroes"
MW-025 .... Ford Crown Victoria -- ROW Series-7 "Int'l Police"
MW-026 .... Ambulance (Lace Wheels) -- USA Series-7 "Red Hot Heroes"
MW-026 .... Mercedes Benz E420 Police -- ROW Series-7 "Int'l Police"
MW-027 .... International Fire Truck -- USA Series-7 "Red Hot Heroes"
MW-027 .... Ford Falcon Police -- ROW Series-7 "Int'l Police"
MW-028 .... Ford Expedition -- USA Series-7 "Red Hot Heroes"
MW-028 .... BMW 328i Police -- ROW Series-7 "Int'l Police"

MW-029 .... Mercedes Benz ML430 -- USA Series-8 "Cool Rides"
MW-030 .... Chrysler Panel Cruiser -- USA Series-8 "Cool Rides"
MW-031 .... .... BMW X5 -- USA Series-8 "Cool Rides"
MW-032 .... Humvee -- USA Series-8 "Cool Rides"

MW-033 .... Hummer -- USA Series-9 "Ultimate Rescue"
MW-034 .... Air-Lift Helicopter -- USA Series-9 "Ultimate Rescue"
MW-035 .... .... Fire Hovercraft -- USA Series-9 "Ultimate Rescue"
MW-036 .... Troop Carrier (4 Dot Wheels) -- USA Series-10 "Ultimate Rescue"
MW-036 .... Troop Carrier (Lace Wheels) -- USA Series-10 "Ultimate Rescue"

MW-037 .... Robot Truck -- USA Series-10 "Nite Glow"
MW-038 .... Over-Under Rescue Boats -- USA Series-10 "Nite Glow"
MW-039 .... Armored Police Truck -- USA Series-10 "Nite Glow"
MW-040 .... Rescue Plane -- USA Series-10 "Nite Glow"

MW-041 .... Airport Pumper -- USA Series-11 "Airport Alarm"
MW-042 .... Auxiliary Power Truck -- USA Series-11 "Airport Alarm"
MW-043 .... Weather Radar Truck -- USA Series-11 "Airport Alarm"
MW-044 .... Dennis Sabre Fire Truck -- USA Series-11 "Airport Alarm"

MW-045 .... Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 -- USA Series-12 "Weekend Cruisers"
MW-046 .... Dune Buggy -- USA Series-12 "Weekend Cruisers"
MW-047 .... Nissan Xterra -- USA Series-12 "Weekend Cruisers"
MW-048 .... Jeep Grand Cherokee -- USA Series-12 "Weekend Cruisers"

MW-049 .... Chevrolet Silverado -- USA Series-13 "Hammer & Nails"
MW-049 .... Jeep Wrangler -- ROW Series-13 "Int'l Out of Twoners"
MW-050 .... Ford Transit Van -- USA Series-13 "Hammer & Nails"
MW-050 .... Wave King -- ROW Series-13 "Int'l Out of Twoners"
MW-051 .... Chevrolet Tahoe -- USA Series-13 "Hammer & Nails"
MW-051 .... Land Rover Discovery -- ROW Series-13 "Int'l Out of Twoners"
MW-052 .... Ford Panel Van -- USA Series-13 "Hammer & Nails"
MW-052 .... Hydro X-Treme -- ROW Series-13 "Int'l Out of Twoners"

MW-053 .... .... Police Car -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-054 .... .... Fire Tanker -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-055 .... .... Dump Truck -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-056 .... .... Bucket Fire Truck -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-057 .... .... Trash Truck -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-058 .... .... Chevrolet Avalanche -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-059 .... .... Police Motorcycle -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-060 .... .... Emergency Power Truck -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-061 .... .... Ice Breaker -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-062 .... .... GMC Terradyne -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-063 .... .... Rescue Helicopter -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"
MW-064 .... .... Fork Lift -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"

MW-065 .... .... Ice Cream Truck -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-065 .... .... Ferrari 360 Spider -- ROW Series-14 "Int'l Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-066 .... .... Limousine -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-067 .... .... All-Terrain Fire Tanker -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-068 .... Snow Doctor (Lace Wheels) -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-069 .... School Bus -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-069 .... Porsche 911 Turbo -- ROW Series-14 "Int'l Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-070 .... .... Chevrolet SSR -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-070 .... .... Volkswagen W12 Concept -- ROW Series-14 "Int'l Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-071 .... Runway Hero -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-072 .... .... Volkswagen Microbus -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-073 .... .... Pontiac Piranha -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-073 .... .... Smart Cabrio -- ROW Series-14 "Int'l Kid's Car of the Year"
MW-074 .... BMW Z3 -- USA Series-15 "Kid's Car of the Year"

MW-075 .... .... Water Pumper -- USA Series-14 "Rescue Rookies"

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