This Web-directory is a list of die-cast related interests and other collectible sites on the Net. This list originally started in 1996 with only a handful of web sites. Today this list has grown to this much. I update this list on a regular basis. I am sure there are hundreds of other sites that I am not aware of so please email any missing/new sites to Shabbir Malik and I will gladly add them to my list. Also, please notify any broken links and if possible with the correct URL. I will fix it as soon as possible. Now view these pages and have fun.


Advantage Collectibles Distributor of Hot August Night Models.
Ad-Ventures Inc.
Alan Hayward's Home Page (Now updated by Julian Hawyard). Specializes in DINKY models.
Aldrich Svadeba Toys A dealer in Binghamton, NY.
András's Matchbox Homepage
Andreas Reheme's Matchbox page A collector from Germany
Arthur Hu's Home Page.
A.S.A.P Home Page. Authorized Code-2 Matchbox manufacturers.
Bannister's Matchbox & Toy Cars from UK.
Barts Car's Home Page by a collector. All About Battle Kings from Lewis Miller
Bay Area Matchbox Club
Bob Rosconi's Home Page. Automodels from Australia.
Bulgarian Matchbox Car Model Bulgarian Matchbox models for sale.
Cameron's Matchbox Car Page
Carr Collectibles from UK. (Note: new URL)
Charlie Mack Online Matchbox USA (Back online -- New URL)
Childhood Memories - Matchbox Toys from UK.
Christian Falkensteiner's Photo Shoot from Austria. (Note new URL)
COLLECT A page by Jackie from UK
Copper's Collectibles A Dealer in Canada.
Color Comp Inc. High Quality Short Run Promotional Models.
Dan's Matchbox Picture Page Excellent Pictures of Matchbox.
Dan Shirley's Matchbox Models
Dave "Squid" Lagerquist's Regular Wheel Infatuation.
Diecast Alley Matchbox Section Only.
Die-Cast Modellseite Ingo Winkler Site (in German).
Die Cast Toy Exchange Retail Store for White Rose Collectibles.
Dirk Schleuer's Page Presiden of MCCD
Doug Booth Matchbox and Lledo Model Cars.
DWB13' Homepage.
EBAY Matchbox Listing
First Issue Superfast Page from First Issue in UK.
Frank's Matchbox Lesney Page by Frank Carnahan. (note new URL)
Frank's Matchbox Haven Specializes in Batch Numbers.
Gary Hirst Matchbox Page From UK
Gateway Models From Down Under (Australia)
Hal Harrison's Home Page. Matchbox Collector.
Harold's Place. A dealer in New England.
Holger's Matchbox-Info
Jerry Hollis's Web Page A Tour by the collector.
Jim Frampton's Model Car Home Page Collector from UK.
Jim P. Anderson's Matchbox Links Web Page Excellent Pictures. (Some of the pictures in my Picture Gallery are from him)
John Nijhuis's Matchbox Home Page. Lot's of regular updates (from Holland)
Jolly Interesting Matchbox Page by John Harrison in UK
Keystone Kollectible Kars A dealer in Lake Ariel, PA.
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles Home Page. US Matchbox Dealer.
Kurt Ristniemi's Page on Model of Yesteryears. (From Finland)
Lance McGonigal Home page. Pictures of Matchbox Convoys
Lesney Collectors' Forum A message board for Lesney talk.
Lewis Miller's Page on Battle Kings Excellent use of HTML techniques.
Malcolm Brooks Matchbox and Diecast Web page. (note: new URL)
Mark's Matchbox Models of Yesteryear
Matchbox & More Rainer's Home Page (from Germany).
Matchbox Body Shop.
M.C.C.D. Matchbox Collectors Club Deutschland Page.
Matchbox An Excellent Resource Guide from Keith D'Souza.
Matchbox Forum A New Matchbox Club based in US with chapters in Europe & Australia
Matchbox French Museum A Page on Model of Yesteryears in French.
Matchbox Home by Geoffrey Leake
Matchbox Message Board: The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall
Matchbox Message Board: Matchbox - Hotwheels - Diecast Message Board
Matchbox Message Board: Midwest Diecast Miniatures Matchbox Discussion
Matchbox North West Collectors Club Page Updated by Tom Larson -- Note new URL
Matchbox Road Museum Everett finally on the web.
Matchbox & More Rainer's Home Page (from Germany).
Matchbox Trucks By John & Bunne Baum.
Matchbox Toys Official Web Site
Matchbox Web Ring Effort by David Becker.
Matchbox World by Danny.
Matt Fogarty's Home Page.
MB Collector UK Homepage.
Meine Homepage (This site is in German only)
Mark Robbins's Model of Yesteryear Collection.
M.I.C.A International Matchbox International Collectors Association Page.
Michael in the World Wide Web. German Matchbox Collector. Nice pictures.
Mid West Diecast Miniatures Online Store Collector/Dealer. Order new releases here.
Moorecars A page on Regular Wheels.
Neale's Wheels Web Page from Graham Neale of Ballarat, Australia.
Neil's Wheels An excellent dealer in New York.
NuBeetlemobilia Specializes in Promotion of VW models, Mostly Matchbox Toys.
Patrick's Home page on Model cars including Matchbox. In English & French.
Pierre Paré's Home page. Mostly on MoY from Canada.
Ralph-Egbert Richter Home page on Early Matchbox Toys.
Rob Hasard's Hoto List for Hobbies. An Australian collector.
Remember When Collectibles Matchbox Dealer (Lesney Era only).
Rhodas Collectibles.
Rit's Cars A dealer in Connecticut, USA.
RLTWAY Home Randy Truax's page on Matchbox - Excellent pictures on older Matchbox.
Roadblasters The Power that Rules the Road & Flash Force 2000
Rob's Superfast Homepage
Ron Calcott's The Model Store. Suplier of Obsolete Die-Cast models. From UK.
Ronni Lubkert's Page on Matchbox. (Mostly in German or Dutch?
Roy Gal's Mathchbox Page (Mom Me & Matchbox). (new URL)
Shabbir Malik's All You Need to Know About Matchbox. The best Page on Matchbox with lots of information & pictures.
Steffaan's Web Museum Matchbox and other die-cast stuff.
Sydney Powerhouse Museum's Matchbox Collection
Takashi Ishidoshiro Old Matchbox.
Tales of Toy Cars Page. Articles on Matchbox Toys.
Tand's Home Page In Japanese, you need to have a Japanese browser to view
T-Bird UK's Roost Specialized in Ford T-Bird models.
Tee's Home Page Mostly Regular Wheels and Early Matchbox Toys.
The Matchbox Jeep Story Comparison of Matchbox Jeeps with original Jeeps.
The Model Store A Matchbox dealer in UK.
The Small World of Matchbox A Matchbox dealer in UK.
Tomas Matchbox Home Page From Czech Republic. (English Version).
Tomas Matchbox Home Page From Czech Republic. (Czech Version).
Toy Boy Alan Wank, Nice collection of Lesney models (Dealer).
Toy Cars Down Under Pete from Brisbane talks about Matchbox.
Toy Mart Price Guide
Uncle Joe's Place Mostly For Sale Items
Vectis Auctions
Vectis Shop
Vintage Matchbox Sale List Page by Ross Frank.
Woodysworld 2000 Matchbox & More in New Jersey
World of Yesteryears from Michael Flakes (from Australia).
Yahoo Matchbox Auction
Yesterdayland Toys Matchbox from Yesteryears.


Malcolm Brooks Matchbox and Diecast Web page. (note new URL)
Oldshuntr Die Cast Site. Mostly on HW however other Die Casts are also avaiable.
Rob Achuff's Hot Wheels to Go.
Sid's Die Cast Collection


Airplane Shop
Allsorts Diecast Toys The name says it all. All Sorts of Diecast Models (No Matchbox).
BidzExpress Online Auction site.
The Carey's Page. Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Johny Lightning, & Racing Champion.
Carney Plastics Inc. Display cases for your DieCast Collection.
The Collectible Mart.
Collectors Toy Shop Canterbury Collectables
Conquer Specializes in Code-2 Matchbox and other Die-Cast items.
Cruisin' New England New England's Special Interest Auto & Events Magazine.
Dana Johnson's Welcome to Covers a lot of ground.
Daniel Martin Leckie's The Leckie Domain
Dennis Cars Online All Sorts of Diecast Models (No Matchbox).
Diecast Alley All Sorts of Diecast Models.
DieCast Direct Internet Diecast dealer. Lots of items at good prices.
Die Cast Hobbies. All sorts of Diecast Vehicle.
Diecast Illustrated. A lot of information on different diecast related items.
Diecast Value Calculator Calculate the Value of your diecast models
Carmodels Museum All Sorts of Diecast Models
Dan's Diecast Emporium Mostly VWs
Dinky, Tekno, Crescent ... Older Military Models Site is in French only.
Dinky Toys From Germany.
Evers Toys Store.
Fleamarket ads. Classified Flea Market.
Gasoline Alley Antiques. All sorts of Diecast Toys.
Giovanni Plastic Inc. Distributor for Display cases for your collection.
Grandpajon's Woodshop Showcases for your Diecast collection
K&K Diecast Display. Aluminum displays for 1:18 and 1:24 scale diecasts.
K&S Industries Inc. Acrylic Display Cases for your Collection.
Kevin Pickell's Page on 1:18 Diecast models.
Lou's Wheels.
Microcar Models.
The Model Cars specialising in die cast model cars in Australia.
Mr. Diecast Effinghan County All sorts of DieCast items.
Nutmeg Collectible Website 2000 Spirint Cars with Matchbox listing.
People's Kars Nemer VWs - Mostly VW models
Pit-Stop Collectibles A Dealer in East Rochester, NY
Ramblin' Pro's Diecast
Rick's Cars in Miniature
Schiffer Books - Miniature Vehicles Schiffer Publishers web page.
Schuco Toys Welcome to the Schuco Page.
Sed Cars DieCast Collectible dealer in UK
Steve Schuler's Virtual Flea Market
Windows Art Hermetica Dust Proof Display Cases for your collection (in English, Spanish, Dutch & French)
Toydorado World Wide Mail order dealer Germany.
The Buy, sell, links, and more about diecast toys.
The Read Edge Online With online auction.
Unique Collection of Greenwich A Store in England. Specialize in Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, & Other Items
Wood Store Collectors Wooden Cabinets.


Bay Area Matchbox Club
GPCC Toy Collectors Club.
Keystone Diecast Collectors Club.
M.C.C.D. Matchbox Collectors Club Deutschland Page.
Matchbox Forum A New Matchbox Club based in US with chapters in Europe & Australia
M.I.C.A International Matchbox International Collectors Association Page.
Matchbox North West Collectors Club Page Updated by Tom Larson
SIKU Collectors Club.


The Antique and Collectibles Exchange.
Antiques World Home Page.
By and For Collectors. Collector to Collector Online Edition
The Card Mall Free collector's classified.
Collector Universe General Collectors chat: Mondays 5:30 to 8:30 PST
Collectors Interest Information Board with hot links.
Collect! Online
Collectors Super Mall CSM Online.
DieCast Heaven Diecast toys from a lot of different manufacturers.
DieCast Toys A Shop in Britain.
Every Era Antiques Antique shop.
Hattons' Model Railways A lot of Railroad stuff from England.
James Collectibles A lot of models on sale from various manufacturers.
Landers Toys
Live Auction Online Hundred of collectibles up on auction.
The Maine Antiques Digest
Reliant 3-Wheeler Scale Models.
Twin Brooks Antiques & Collectibles


FAO Schwarz Collectibles
K.B. Toys Stores
Matchbox Toys Official Web Site.
MetaExchange The DieCast Trading Floor.
TOMY Toy Kingdom

Toy Cars & Models Online newsletter/magazine.
Toy Shop Online newsletter/magazine.
Ebay Johhny Lightning Mobilia Magazine
TIAS Toys R Us Lego

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