MB 38 Model "A" Ford most commonly known as MB 38 Vans was first introduced in 1982 with "Champion Spark Plugs" tempo. When the first MB 38 vans was introduced who would have thought that this model would be the most widely used promotional model in the next few years. Since then there are over 400 different liveries made for different promotions. Basically it took over the promotional spot from MB 17 The Londoner/London Bus as this model was used for promotion in the Lensey era and then in the beginning of the Matchbox Universal era.

White Rose Collectibles released 2 sets of NFL (National Football League) and 2 sets of MLB (Major League Baseball) using these liveries in 1990 and 1991 (a total of 108 different tempos.) In the summer of 1995 Australian market saw, for the first time, three different sets of their teams. One each from Australian Basket Ball, Australian Foot Ball and Australian Rugby League. These three sets alone had 50 different liveries.

The most expensive of these MB 38 Vans is the white "Ben Franklin" model is over $500 if one could find it. To tell you the truth the model itself is not a very pretty one but surely is a rare model. This model was released in a very limited quantity and was given to company's management only.

Although MB-44 "Model T Ford" is taking some of the promotional spot, MB-38 Van is still popular among different companies for their promotions. Just recently (starting January 1996) Kellogg's cereal is celebrating their 90th Birthday with two promotional models with MB-38 vans for US Market.

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