Super Kings later known as King Size were introduced by Lesney to compete with Corgi and Dinky who were dominating the market in the 1960's. Although this range is not widely collected as compare to MB 1-75, many collectors only collect this range. This range includes some of the largest and heaviest vehicles like the construction vehicles. Some of the regular MB 1-75 range models were scaled up so that a King Size version is also available. Like the MB 1-75 range there are many individual models, gift sets, and multi pack available for this range. TYCO has almost stop making these models.

I am not a King Size collector so I am unable to provide much information on this category. I will be me more than happy to include any collector's contribution with their name if some one is interested in sending me the information.

Here are the sub categories for King Size Models besides the standard models

G Book

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