This site was proudly featured on page 90 in the September issue of "Internet Surf" published in Argentina. Here is what an independent author have to say.

"Todo lo que necesitabas saber sobre Matchbox", promete la pagina. Y cumple con creces, probablemente porque esta hablando de una de las grandes marcas del mndo de los autitos de coleccion, casi un sinoni mo de estos. El site esta organizado de manera clara; y esa organizacion es bien acompanada por el diseno, muy liviano. Hay articulos sobre todos los topicos que puedan surgir en la mente de un novato (o un experto) coleccionista de Matchbox: epocas, clases de autos, imagenes, clubes, shows, museos ... Excelente.".

"All You Need to Know About Matchbox", promises the page. And it keeps that promise probably because it is speaking about one of the largest and most famous brands whose name is synonymous with collectibles toy cars. The site is visually organized and lively. It includes articles on every possible topic of interest to both the novice and avid collectors ranging from time periods, car classes, related clubs, shows and museums. Excellent."

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