In the year 1991, Matchbox decided to give some innovation to its customer by introducing all white models. Every model, normally in a pair form, came with water resistant markers so that children/collectors could color their own models. A label sheet was also included with the pack. Once a label is attached or a marker is used to change the decoration the collectable value of the models drops down to zero. In the beginning (between 1991 & 1993) the models came in only white color with markers and labels but in 1994 and 1995 some models were released in silver or chrome body color. At the same time with markers and labels a new item was included called "flakes." Hence these models were also called Metal Flakes. Majority of the Graffic Traffic models were packed in blister packs with the exception of a few gift sets that were packed in window box type packing with open and close flaps for easy storage.

There are way too many models to list here. Please check any catalog for listing and description on these models. Also, this category includes some King Size models as well as Skybuster so please check carefully.

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