A new series of small scale models of Peterbilt and Kenworth long-haul trucks was introduced in 1982. Originally advertised as the "Highway Express" Series, it was actually issued as the "Convoy" Series. This series was issued primarily to accommodate models that could not be included into the MB1-75 range because of their size. This series started with MB-6 Scania, MB41 Kenworth Conventional Aerodyne, MB-43 Peterbilt Conventional and MB-45 Kenworth Cabover Aerodyne cabs. A specially designed DAF cab was made for this series exclusively.

Since then many models have been released in this series. White Rose have been releasing sports related models in the trailer forms for the past few years. Recently, Tyco has changed the name of this series to "Super Rigs."

The Convoy/Super Rigs series has been very popular among children as well as collectors. This series have also caught the eyes of general truck collectors. In the recent years this range have been continually updated with new tempos. A number of promotional issues have also been produced as well as some limited issues.

There are only 7 different models in the 1997 range of which only two of them are new castings. I just hope that there would be some new liveries included as the year goes by otherwise it would be a sad year for the collectors of this range.

The following three paragraphs are from an article that was published in the 2/97 Matchbox Collectors Club newsletter. I am reproducing only a portion of this article without permission hoping that the original author did not have any objection. In order to read the complete article please contact Matchbox Collectors Club

The convoy Series was introduced in early August of 1982 in England and then later in that year in the US. This series was the replacement for the Long Haul range that had been in the line since 1979. The Long Haul range was in need of updating by way of trucks and this meant a large expenditure for new tools, so it was decided to start the Convoy Series. The series started with eight models and has steadily grown and now includes many new models that we will try to cover as the newsletter progress.

The first model of this series was the CY-1 Car Transporter. The transporter has the Kenworth Cabover Aerodyne painted red with stripes tampo in white, yellow, green and blue. The upper deck of the trailer was made of plastic that was hinged downward so as to allow cars to be loaded. This trailer is the only trailer that remains fitted with the old dot-dash wheels.

The CY-2 Rocket and Cradle had the same Kenworth Cab as CY-1, the trailer was fitted with a plastic cradle that held a NASA rocket. The nose cone for the rocket was placed up on the tongue of the trailer, since the trailer was not long enough to have the entire rocket assembled. This model as has progressed over the years to the point where the rocket became chrome plated.

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