Prove that twice of ten is same as twice of eleven.

Prove that a loaf of bread is the mother of an engine.

Which house has the least weight?

Why is a river so rich?

What is in between you?

How many seconds are there in a year?

Which two days in a week starts with "T" other than tuesday and thursday?

A women who works in a sweet shop has a measurement of 32-26-36, is 5'4" tall, wear size "6" shoes. What do you think she weighs?

Who sleeps with shoes on?

What did the old telephone say to the new telephone? (you could answer this only if you know British English)

Prove that one cat has three tails.

Which key never works?

Which is faster Heat or Cold? Explain.

If your dog loses his tail, where would you find it?

What does a policeman have in his sandwich?

Where do fish keep their money?

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