These days it is very important that we use politically correct words when talking to anyone especially females. Here is a small list of words that a men should be careful when talking to/about females:

She Gets PMS She Becomes Hormonally Homicidal
She Has A Killer Body She Is Terminally Attractive
She Is A Bad Cook She Is Microwave Compatible
She Is A Bad Driver She Is Automatively Challenged
She Is A Perfect 10 She Is Numerically Superior
She Is Easy She Is Horizontally Accessible
She Hates Sports On TV She Is Athletically Biased
She Has Sexy Lips She Is Collagen Dependent
She Is Drunk She Is Accidentally Over-Served
You Don't Ask Her To DanceYou Request A Pre-Coitus Rhythmic Experience
She Is A Gossip She Is A Verbal Terminator
She Works Out Too Much She Is An Abdominal Over Achiever
She Has A Great Butt She Is Gluteus To The Maximum
She Is Hooked On Soap Operas She Is Melodramatically Fixated
She Is Cold Or Frigid She Is Thermally Incompatible
She Wears Too Much Make Up She Is Cosmetically Over Saturated
She Has A Great Cleavage (A Great Rack)Her Breasts Are Centrally Located
She Will Gain Weight She Will Become A Metabolic Under Achiever
She Is A Screamer Or MoanerShe Is Vocally Appreciative
She Shaves Her Legs She Experiences Temporary Stubble Reduction
She Has A Hard Body She Is Anatomically Inflexible
She Sun Bathe Nude She Experiences Natural Solar Enhancement
Her Breast Will Sag They Will Lose Their Vertical Hold
She Shops Too Much She Is Overly Susceptible To Marketing Ploys
She Cuts You Off She Becomes Horizontally Inaccessible
She Has Big Hear She Is Overly Aerosoled
She Snores She Is Nasally Repetitive
She Gets Drunk She Becomes Verbally Dyslexic
She is too Skinny She is Skeletally prominent

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