Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English Language is the word "FUCK." It is the one magical word, which, just by its sound, can describe pain, pleasure, love and hate. In language, "FUCK" falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive (John fucked Mary) and intransitive (Mary was fucked by John). It can be an active verb (John really gives a fuck) or passive verb (Mary really doesn't give a fuck); or an adverb (Mary is fucking interested in John), and as a noun (Mary is a terrific fuck). It can be used as an adjective (Mary is fucking beautiful): as you can see, there are very few words with the versatility of "FUCK."

Besides its sexual connotations this incredible word can be used to describe many situations:

Greetings-------------How the fuck are you?
Fraud-----------------I got fucked by the car dealer.
Dismay----------------Oh, fuck it!
Trouble---------------Well, I guess I'm fucked now.
Aggression-------------Fuck you!
Disgust---------------Fuck me!
Confusion-------------What the fuck?
Difficulty------------I don't understand this fucking business.
Despair---------------Fucked again.
Philosophical---------Who gives a fuck.
Incompetence----------He fucks up everything.
Pleasure--------------OOOH FUCK!
Displeasure-----------What the fuck is going on here?
Lost------------------Where the fuck are we?
Disbelief-------------Unfucking believable!
Retaliation-----------Up your fucking ass!
Thankful--------------Tell me anytime if you need my FUCK!

It can be used to tell time--It's five fucking thirty!
It can be used in an anatomical description--He's a fucking asshole!
It can be used in business--How the fuck did I wind up with this fucking job?
It can be a prediction--Oh, will I get fucked!
It can be maternal--as in Mother Fucker
It can be political--Fuck Bush
It can be nautical--Fuck the Admiral
It can open the door to wonderful relationships--Lets fuck
It can be used to enhance the meaning of a word--Beautifuckingful

Also, the famous last words of the Mayor of Hiroshima "What the fuck was that?" And, last, but not least, the immortal words of the captain of the Titanic, who said, "Where is all this fucking water coming from?"

The mind fairly boggles at the many creative uses of the word. How can anyone be offended when you say "FUCK"? Use it frequently in your speech and it will add to your fame and prestige.

Today------------Say to someone-----------"FUCK YOU"

This is a disclaimer. We know the origin of the word FUCK. When the puritans settled what is now Salem, they had this issue about pre-marital sex, they didn't approve of it. Not that it should matter to anybody except the two or three etc. people are involved in the privacy of their own home. Well these butt-inskies decided that sex should be a crime, and orgasms should be outlawed. Strange, how they thought they had the right to suppress one of God's greatest gifts while doing this in the name of God. Well If two people were caught in the act of having sex or even thinking about having sex they were brought to trial.

If they were found guilty the crime they were committed of was "For Under Carnal Knowledge". They were put in the stockades and their crime was also carved in a piece of wood and placed over their heads. This was before the printing press or even before Black and Decker and God forbid Craftsman power tools (I like Craftsman's tools, even my chain saw is Craftsman). So all carving in wood had to be done not only by hand, but with handmade tools. Since they couldn't run over to England or Germany very easily, they didn't have any airplanes yet either, they had to try to conserve their tools and time. Just imagine carving the whole thing out when they could be out looking for young lovers to lock up or witches to burn at the stake. So they invented the acronym, which is a word or letter abbreviations for longer phrases. So if you were caught fucking around, and found guilty, you had the word F.U.C.K placed over your head while you spent time in the stockades. That is where the word came from and that is how it is associated with screwing. So please don't E-mail me and tell me that Fuck is not a German word. I fucking already know that. This is a joke, it is something to be laughed and enjoyed, I hope. By the way, I also know that the first part is not really correct either. If you want to bitch about this letter, Fuck You and go to alt.bitch.about.anything and complain. :-)

Please use the word but don't abuse it.
Lately, I have been getting very nasty email messages where people really showed their class.
This article is for fun only and not to send abusive messages to anyone.
I do not want to take this article out but if I have to I will.
Thanks for your cooperation

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