This Math-style Proof was designed to convince the "nice guy" who's a little nervous to ask a girl out. Good luck.

Givens: Chocolate is a substitue for sex (albeit a poor one). Chocolate costs money.

Step #1: If you do not ask her out, you will eat lots of chocolate.
Reason: If you can't have sex, you want chocolate (given).

Step #2: The more chocolate you eat the less money you have.
Reason: Chocolate costs money (given).

Step #3: Chocolate makes you fat in great quantities.
Reason: Biological studies.

Step #4: You will buy bigger clothes.
Reason: You will no longer fit into your current clothes because you have eaten too much chocolate and are getting fat.

Step #5: You will not buy a car.
Reason: You are spending all your money on chocolate and clothes.

Step #6: You will not be able to take a girl out.
Reason: No car.

Step #7: You will eat more chocolate.
Reason: Refer to step #1

Notes: Inherent flaws may appear due to varied human characterisitcs.

So, what if you are not a math major. Bottom line is: Ask her out. You'll be glad you did.

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